Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scotty McCreery Maturing With New Album

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must make the crucial decision—one that will ultimately have a direct effect on his future career and personal life.
To keep the dang “Y” or drop the dang “Y.”

“It depends on the day,” says platinum-selling artist and American Idol season 10 champ Scotty McCreery, admitting that he occasionally writes Scott (without the "Y") on his college papers. “I remember during American Idol when they called to ask what I wanted to be known by, and we had to hang up and talk about it. It’s one of those things that is tough to decide. I mean, what if there was a Ken Chesney or a Ken Rogers or, heck, a John Cash. That would be weird!”

Indeed, while the 19-year-old singer is looking for ways to mature as he continues to work on his second album, it looks as if Scotty (with the "Y") is here to stay. “I’m still a teenager, but the new album is going to be a bit more mature Scotty,” says the North Carolina State University freshman, currently headlining his own Weekend Roadtrip Tour. “I’m doing a lot more writing this time around and looking to hit on more topics that more people can relate to, some deep and touching and some lighthearted and fun. Nothing is set in stone in terms of what songs will be on the new album, but just being able to try out some new material while out on tour and get that instant reaction from the fans has been awesome.”

While the release date for the follow-up to his debut album, Clear As Day, has been pushed back to fall 2013, Scotty is far from discouraged. Besides, he already has enough on his to-do list. In addition to finding time to go in the recording studio and preparing for the release of a new single (“very soon,” he says), Scotty remains committed to his college studies, often writing papers on the tour bus. “I’m in class Monday through Wednesday and then I am either on the bus or flying to a concert,” he says. “It’s a juggling act, but I don’t look at it as two separate worlds . . . it’s just my world.”


  1. Yeah Scotty I know you were use to writing Scott on a lot of your papers in school because your teacher showed a paper or something when you were on idol that had Scott McCreery and some of yours friends called you that at school. I think Scott would be fine with everyone since you are maturing and you were use to saying that I noticed Mike called you that on one of your ScotTV videos so I think that would be your call, no one else's. You want be a teenager much longer anyways Oct. 9th will be here before you know it as busy as you are it will be here in a blink of an eye. HA!!! I cannot wait until your, single comes out , We need one now so honey you know we will be buying several. Well Scotty you have a good day and hey Scott McCreery is still you and it sure looks good on paper too, just like Scotty!!!!!! ILYTB

  2. I love "Scotty" better than "Scott" but that's just me. It's your call, Scott. LYTB.

  3. Maybe new single will be released before Sun. He said "very soon" Yeaaa, can't wait!
    Rock This Night, Gotta See You Tonight!

  4. As much as I LOVE See You Tonight, and feel it'd be awesome to have a song he had a hand in writing as a single, I REALLY hope he releases Rock This Night as a single first! Before I had heard it I wanted See You Tonight and then Suntan released in the summer. But seeing as its taking sooooo long for a new single, and I love Rock This Night MORE than Suntan, I want Rock This Night FIRST! Lol. Then he can release whatever else after lol. But I think Suntan would be a good second choice as long as there's still some summer left, if not then def See You Tonight. That's my opinion. I can just hear Rock This Night on the radio now and know it would do AWESOME on the charts as long as radio gives it a chance!

    1. Oh I do believe Rock this Night would be great on Radio because I love this one when he starts out with it at his concerts. I really love that video where it starts out with the boots too. He really sounds good and radio would probably love that one and See you Tonight. Suntan I like it for the summer if he could get that one out during the Summer. He gets to dancing with that one too like Rock this night and people are loving it that his really getting into his songs with his moves now so Yeah just maybe he will!!!!! I can really here him singing that one like at the ACM I wish so bad he was singing!!!! WELL SCOTTY ILYTB

  5. I do to love it that he open's with this song Rock this Night cause he dance's while he sings it.and you can tell that he is having fun singing the song. yes it would be a great song for the Radio. and the other deeply song that I love is See You Tonight cause he wrote it. Suntan is a summer song and I love it too. and Scotty I am glad that you are keeping the Y in your name. I wish he was singing too at the ACM AWARD'S. lets keep our fingers crosses and hope that he gets to. SCOTTY ILYTB.


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