Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scotty McCreery makes $18,000 donation to Nashville youth baseball organization

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 14, 2013 - American Idol winner and rising Country star Scotty McCreery has a heart of gold, as demonstrated through his goodwill and passion for education and sports. In fact, the award-winning singer took part in yesterday's Opening Day and Jackie Robinson Weekend in Music City, sponsored by the local Nashville RBI -- Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities.

In addition to throwing the ceremonial first pitch, the 19-year-old college freshman of North Carolina State University made a hefty donation of $18,000 to the organization, whose primary goal is to "provide inner-city youth with opportunities to play, to learn and to grow, inspiring them to recognize their potential and realize their dreams."

More than 250 RBI participants (ages 3-12) gathered in Seven Oaks Park (located off Murfreesboro Road) for the day's festivities, including coaches and families.

According the organization's official website, RBI (founded in 1989) stands as a youth outreach program to educate and promote an active interest in baseball. Building self-esteem and encouraging kids to stay in school is at the core of what the founders hoped to achieve. There are currently over 200 cities worldwide that have similar baseball and softball programs, reaching more than 100,000 youth.

Major League baseball player John Young was originally at the helm, founding the nonprofit in South Central Los Angeles. Designed to encourage participation in baseball, the program also strives to provide boys and girls with a sense of positive team-oriented goals to keep them off the streets. In 1991, Major League Baseball assumed the administration control over RBI. Initially, the MLB assisted in raising funds and finding start-up grants for the programs around the world. Now, each chapter is responsible for raising its own funds.



  1. How can you not love this beautiful young man His amazing voice his love of family, friends and FANs Scotty is such example to all of us. A heart of Gold that dose never seem to end

  2. How can you not love this beautiful young man His amazing voice his love of family, friends and FANs Scotty is such example to all of us. A heart of Gold that dose never seem to end

  3. Hey, Scotty fans. Remember to request #SeeYouTonight from your local country radio stations. It does make a difference if enough of us request it. We need to help Scotty get some good airplay. I emailed my local country station Go Country 105 FM in southern California and got the following reply: "Hi Doug...
    Don't think we are playing the New Scotty song yet...We could be in the future..It's not even on the Top 30 Country singles chart yet...Too New ! Keep listening....I will forward your email to our Program Director.


    We want the stations to know there are lots of people out there that WANT to hear Scotty!

    Airplay is the thing that will get Scotty many new fans who don't even know yet they will love his music! They've gotta hear it first.

  4. Scotty does so much good for soooooooooo many peopleand also his fans !! A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! !

  5. He is So INCREDIBLE SPECIAL. cause he does soooooooooo much for People and you are right he also does his fans. Yes he definitely does love's his fans alot!!!!!!!
    He is one in a million!!!!! Yes we do want to hear him on the radeo!!!! yes Mac he does have a heart of Gold. AMAZING ISN"T HE!!!!!

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