Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scotty McCreery in Concert at the Mississippi Crawfish Festival

Credit to April Ann


  1. Thank you so much April Ann for these fantastic videos and thank you Donna for posting these so fast after coming back from your trip. Suntan was a real treat. It was so cute and funny when the mic flew out of Scotty's hand. It was the attack of the beach balls. One beach ball scored when it hit Scotty's mic! All three great perfomances (of course)! Gotta love our Scotty!

  2. Thank you so much for these Fabulous Terrific video's April Ann. thank you Donna for posting. how was your time off Donna. In Suntan where Scotty's playing with the beach balls that was totally cute, the one where he throws the beach ball in the Audience while he was singing. Yes we do gotta love our Precious Scotty!!!!! I love all three great super performances.

  3. I love all the videos.! Scotty just gets better and better. The live concerts are so much fun and Scotty always sings beautifully. I was waiting for one of those beach balls to wage war on Scotty! LOL Scotty knows we all love him and we are all packing in to see him. I saw him on 4/19 in CT and he is already spending more time talking to the crowd. I think he realizes that the ones who see him now may know him from Idol, but want to see him not just the winner of Idol. He is wonderful in concert. I didn't think we would see him in the NE, but he has been VERY kind to us here. I love seeing him perform live and if I can't be there in person, the videos are fantastic. He really has amazing fans who spend a lot time recording and posting. I was there on 4/19, but only took a few pictures because I was too busy dancing and singing along.

    If you have gone to any of his concerts, please post a review a on Ticketmaster. I post every time I go. I hope radio plays SYT. I am really tired of their nonsense! We will know more next Mon 5/6 if a bunch of stations add him. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Also, I hope exams are going well. Our Scotty is so special. Have a great day! !


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