Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scotty McCreery doing some press "stuff" while in Vegas for the ACM Awards show

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Scotty McCreery. Thisssss Issa American idol #acm 

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Found backstage at rehearsals. We talked baseball, Instagram and injuries.

Jason Scott ‏@JasontheScott .@ScottyMcCreery at the Dial Global Radio Remotes for the @ACMawards! #ACMawards #CountryMusic



    I love all the press about Scotty. Here's another article about his appearance on Idol! My fingers are crossed that his new song will be on Cumulus and other large media outlets. They should all be in line begging him to play his music. They really need to understand how much we all love him. It's like their heads are in the sand. His CAD album is a beautiful well recorded collection of songs that tell a story. I don't get it when a journalist says it's not deep. When I see dishes piling up in the sink and clothes piled high because I work 40+ hrs a week and go to every swim meet, baseball practice, school activity, etc my son has and then my 11 yr old son chuckles and sings a line of DD and hugs and helps me - priceless!!!! Back On The Ground is my life and many other who grew up, left home, and realize home really is where we grew up. I feel sad that country radio did not embrace these songs. If you can have chuckle about sink of dishes and a mountain of laundry, I think that song more than deserves air time. Kids need to hear these type of songs that instill good wholesome values. I love Scotty and he has the fan base to stick fo his guns and sing and do a mix of his traditional and contemporary songs. He may have to play things more for radio, but eventually they will play anything Scotty wants. One reviewer on Ticketmaster said his concert ran the gammet
    of song choice - great - Scotty has a song for everyone. He touches our life in a good way and we all love him for that!

  2. I love all the press about Scotty too. I can't wait to hear the interview with Curt Miller. that is a great piture of Scotty signing the guitar. oh speaking of Dirty dishes in the sink that is my job doing the dishes and when I do them I think of that song. he does touches our life in good way and how much we definitely Love him for that!!!


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