Monday, April 1, 2013

Scotty McCreery at Mystic Lake Casino

I apologize for Scotty's picture being behind the videos - I have no idea how it posted like that and for the life of me I cannot get it to delete!!!! LOL 

Credit to: Zoe Larson
Credit to: Mary Fleck Credit to: Kristy Fleck < Credit to: harrystylesinbeanies


  1. Thanks for all the videos. They were awesome. I felt like I just went to a concert of his. Scotty, you do us proud all the time.

  2. Beautiful, wonderful, awesome! Thanks so much for posting. Gotta work today, but just want to listen to Scotty sing instead!


  3. Don't forget to vote for Scotty for 103.5 Hottest man in country music, it's the final round.Scotty vs.Casey James . Another poll the last four..The new Hot 103.7 Hot men Madness.Scotty vs Christian Kane,and Tim McGraw vs.
    Jason Carroll. So far Scotty has a lead against Casey James.The other poll there no longer showing the No. of votes

    1. Hey every time I go to vote it says Thanks you have already voted. One thing I read it says delete history or something what do you go to too do that. I've gotten pretty good since Scotty on here with these computers but I don't know about this deleting stuff maybe someone could tell me!!!! Thanks if you know:):) I may sound dumb on this one but hey got to start somewhere huh? HA!!!! OMG Christian is way ahead right now. Everyone needs to vote if your like me IDK how, HA!!!!!

  4. OMG, I could watch these videos all day but I have my grandson so I'm going to wait. I too felt like I was there and literally just about started crying just thinking about where he is today and the day he started and I get really emotional because some of us have been right there from the start. He is performing so good and he makes it look like nothing, huh? He is just one in a million and I wish whoever needs to get him on radio and everywhere would just watch this like me, can't see him yet and these videos right here are excellent. Thank you so much for whoever did these and for Donna and her crew for their excellent work for posting them. Thanks a Million!!!!!! Well Scotty honey you nailed it again and we are so Proud of you . ILYTB

  5. I will never get tired of watching Scotty and listen to his songs. These videos are excellent. Oh ... I love when he talks to his audience with so much confidence on his deep voice. Yes...he sang a short sample of Baby Lock them doors. Yes, that makes us walk down the memory lane. We are witnessing his journey from day 1 up to the present and let me tell you folks that I will be here for him no matter what as long as I live.

    Happy Easter to all.


  6. The new i03.7 Hot men madness Scotty vs. Christian Kane,''Scotty is far behind on this poll 29 to 70 something he can use some votes..

  7. Vote:
    Scotty is way behind with 31.32%. I use firefox. vote for scotty. Then click return to poll. Click on firefox icon in top left corner, history, clear recent history.

  8. I will never get tried of watching Scotty and listening to his songs, I could do it all the time,cause I love his voice so much.and listening to him talk that is my favorite. These video's are super precious and he is so special. all of his performance's are fantastic Marvelous. Scotty I am so so happy,Thrilled to be a Mccreeian and always will until I die. I love the #7 video cause he talks to the Audience before he sings his Idol song. he is so happy that we his fans pick him the winner. that makes me so happy that we did,makes me cry that we made him happy. I love you to Eternity.


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