Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roughtstocks Review of Scotty McCreery's new single See You Tonight

By: Matt Bjorke Last Updated: April 9, 2013 11:04 AM

Being the winner of any season of "American Idol" can be a double edged sword. While winning the show can guarantee you instant stardom, early success and an initial wave of cash from the Idol tour and first album advance, it's by no means a guaranteed success. Add to that the fact that the winner's album is basically rushed recorded without the usual album recording cycle and unless you're lucky enough to strike gold like Phillip Phillips or Carrie Underwood did with their true debut singles the year they won, Most artists will have to struggle to release something memorable.

And while Scotty McCreery's Clear As Day album and singles sold remarkably well and helped him establish himself, the album was largely made without the input of his new Nashville label family and thus while clearly a Country Music album, it sounded dated and the songs didn't really take advantage of McCreery's youth. It was a missed opportunity of sorts but with his fan base strong enough to headline a string of weekend shows this spring, Scotty's ready to give those fans his first Nashville-sourced single, "See You Tonight."

The single, which Scotty wrote with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, is youthful without feeling overtly so. The production from Frank Rogers is modern without being in your face about it. It's fresh, it's current. Rogers has worked with some of the best neo-traditionalist artists in modern Country Music (Brad Paisley, Josh Turner) so working with Scotty is a natural fit. "See You Tonight" is about wanting to be in the moment -- and in the same room -- with the love of your life (or at least of the moment). It's a a basic love song but it's the kind of song that girls always love to hear their guys say to them. 

The melody is playful, youthful without sounding too youthful and Scotty delivers the lyrics and sounds ready to get the one thing he hasn't yet had in his career, a Top 10, Top 5 or chart-topping Radio airplay single. Everything about "See You Tonight" suggests that he'll not only get his Top 10 but that he'll follow it up with a string of successful hit singles.  

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  1. Much better review. Scotty has a great fan base. Please spread the word and keep Scotty as the NO.1 country man.


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