Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery to Return to ‘American Idol’ This Week

Kelly Clarkson Scotty McCreery
Ethan Miller / Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Season 1 and Season 10 ‘American Idol‘ winners Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery will perform on the stage where it all started once again. Thursday (April 11) is the results episode for the Top 6 of Season 12, and two of the show’s biggest and most successful winners will teach the last half-dozen hopefuls how it’s done.

First-ever ‘Idol’ Clarkson will perform her new single ‘People Like Us’ from her ‘Greatest Hits’ collection. It has not yet been confirmed which track McCreery — who took the crown during Season 10 in 2011 — will sing, but it’s likely to be his just-released new single, ‘See You Tonight.’
Both stars are considered favorites in country, with Clarkson slowly but surely crossing into a more permanent twang, while McCreery helped further solidify the genre’s legitimacy on reality singing shows.

McCreery and Clarkson’s ‘American Idol’ appearance airs at 8PM ET on your local Fox affiliate.


  1. Cannot wait until tomorrow night to hear him sing his new single. Ya'll I cannot even buy it or download it because my computer want let me on iTunes and IDK how to fix it I've tried but cannot get it to work!!!! :(:(:( SEE YA TOMORROW Night Scotty. ILYTB

    1. Dont use itunes .go to Amazon music the cloud player mp3 player .much easier.

    2. Thank You so much for telling me to go to Amazon Music Cloud I got it and have been listening to it over and over again!!!!! It sounds AMAZING..........He is going to hit it right out of the Top of the building tomorrow I can just feel it. Its that Good. Love it, Love It Scotty you nailed it again !!!! ILYTB Thanks Again, stylin

  2. CANNOT wait either for tomorrow night just to see him and to hear him sing his first song that we love. Do us proud which I know you will cause you always do. SEE YA TOMORROW NIGHT SCOTTY.ILYTB.


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