Thursday, April 25, 2013

Idol's McCreery brings country to Kirby Center

Click on the link below to read the review of Scotty's concert and see photos also

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  1. Cody Alan top 5 is such a joke. now the 5 th place song is gaining on see you to night . Went up 3000 votes . I get up in the middle of the often and when i do i vote for a few minutes and i watch the increases the first 3 songs didnt move but that 5 th song went up 10 each time . Cant radio just be fair . Why doesnt Cody erase every week and start over .letting it get to 75. 100 thousand votes would be very difficult to catch up . Unless the station cheats like they do .that song came out of no where . They know Scotty fans wold keep him on top . Ssd thing is we want him played on radio thise other songs are being played constantly thats why its hard for me to beleave those other fans would vote like that .


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