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Country Chart News - The Top 30 Digital Singles: The Week of April 17 2013 Scotty McCreery

By: Matt Bjorke  Last Updated: April 17, 2013 12:04 PM


First (Full) Week Sales Numbers Strong for New Luke Bryan “Crash My Party” Single, Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy” and Scotty McCreery’s “See You Tonight.” Florida Georgia Line Still Leads Chart with cumulative sales of “Cruise.”


 Scotty McCreery sells 

46,000 singles to debut at #14 

on this week’s chart 


 Credit to: Dusty125 from Idol forum

 Scotty McCreery See You Tonight!

46,000!!! #14 top 30 country singles!

1. FloridaGeorgiaLine 179,000
2. Luke Bryan 164,000
3. T.McGraw/T.Swift 115,000
4. Hunter Hayes 110,000
5. Blake Shelton 98,000
6 Miranda Lambert 90,000
7. Darius Rucker 90,000
8. Band PErry 78,000
9. Blake Shelton 77,000
10. Lady A 77,000
11. FloridaGeorgiaLine 58,000
12 Jason Aldean 53,000
13. George Straight 51,000

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  1. I hope we can keep the sales combing for Scotty's song.Does IT count from amazon,and a ring tone to your phone.I bought it from i-tunes,and if it count's I'll purchase it fRom the others,Does any one know how this works.aLso will they sell singles in the store,or do they have to have more than one song on the c.d.

    1. I wonder what the answer is to your questions also. Wish somebody who knows would let us know.

    2. Suds Bee my friend Dusty who post on IDF gave me this answer to your question

      amazons sales do count Donna, also there is a special chart for ringtones too so they count on a different chart.

      I not sure about singles selling in the stores ... most are downloads.

  2. Since everyone ahead of him performed on the ACMs and has had good, if not great radio play, that Scotty's placement and sales are good. I mean all he really had to go on was the AI performance and word of mouth. The Opry appearance wouldn't of helped that much considering most were already there to see him so they had probably already bought it. I can only imagine wat his sales would of been if he had performed at the ACMs!! And also considering he's already sold half of wat Water Tower Town (96,000) did since its release (almost a yr ago) that's a good sign too! Have seen tweets from radio stations saying they like the song and can't wait to play See You Tonight. So I'm hoping and praying that's not just talk and they actually WILL play him!

    1. I am excited to actually hear this new song on the radio!! I think a lot of stations are going to spin this song!!

  3. I have purchased several copies of Scotty's See You Tonight from ITunes and gifted several (I even gifted it to my own E-Mail. Actually I was surprised I was allowed to buy more than one. I don't know if it is because of my new computer or did ITunes change their system. With his previous Clear as Day album and his Please Remember Me single I could buy it only once (so maybe they changed their rules).

  4. I really wonder now where are the fans who bought ILYTB when he just won AI. I am sure that he gained more fans since he won. I know 46,000 is not bad but I thought it would be more than that.

    Please....I hope the old and new fans alike support him.
    Now with that figure what will be the figure for his sophomore album.

  5. i really hate my state of Ohio . ive been requesting once a day and they dont even have Scotty on the list . what does this kid have to do jump threw hoops . im so mad today about the the not performing at the CMA festival . Keith treating him rudely on Idol . what is going on here . how is an artist supposed to gain sales when radio wont play thier music . Scotty has prooved himself over and over again . if i was Scotty i would go main stream and cross over thats what Hunter did and Taylor and look where they are at ? sale out the roof this whole Loyal thing to country is bull those two are respected in country and pop . i woke up upset about everything .see you tonight is amzing . scotty goes from radio station to promote his song and they like him but no radio play . what is it going to take im just so disgusted . radio is hurting this kids chances . sometimes you just need to vent . sorry guys .

  6. Sometimes I just don't get what radio likes! For example: Florida Georgia Line's song "Get Your Shine On", is just an awful song. I actually cringe when it comes on. I hate that song! Why does radion play that song soooo much and then ignore a really great song? (like "See You Tonight"). It doesn't make sense! Now I understand why I turned away from country radio for so long. They force feed you songs that they think you should like. If they do not start playing Scotty's songs this time around, I am turning away, once again from country radio. I have talked to all of my friends and they do not listen to country radio at all! For this very reason-- same songs over and over and over.

  7. Hello everyone I can understand you all getting upset, we all need to keep him lifted up in prayer, that works every time. Yes he deserve better than this. They already know how popular and blessed and talented he is, they know that Scotty can take the thunder out of their popularity. Scotty "See You Tonight," is one most beautiful song and he sings it from the heart. His music is going to leap over all of the other artist, and move to the forefront. God is with Scotty he got him in his strong hand. To God be the glory for what He is doing for Scotty. God bless you Scotty and your career. We got to support him all the way let us not to fret too much God got him he knows everything and see everything. We got to be strong for Scotty. LOVE U SCOTTY. GRANDMA FROM TX.

  8. His song is at Spotify right now too. cause I have it and it show up when it came on today,It was on What's new. So I download it on my Cumputer. great song!!!!!
    I can't wait for the radio start playing it all the time.
    Scotty' song is so Absolutely super Amazing.


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