Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clevver Music Interview with Scotty McCreery after his AI performance

I know this is old news but I just found it on YouTube and wanted to get it posted - Donna
 Credit to: Clevver Music

 Scotty over here, Scotty right down here in the front - Scotty, Scotty - I would go crazy trying to look at everyone wanting to take a picture!!!
Another video from ACM Awards - Scotty starts about .09
Credit to: World Monitor


  1. Vote showdown carrie and Scotty. still ahead but lost 8% sincelast night. VOTE VOTE

  2. Tonight is the night i boycott AI first time ive missed the show in 12 years and i dont feel bad about i only watched this year and last to support Scotty and where he got his start. But you know by not watching it im sorr them the same respect they showed Scotty.


  3. Yay,Scotty won the poll on T.O.C.,get ready for the next one,I wonder who he'll be up against in the next round...I would imagine anther big name artist.Keep an eye open for when it starts.,and let's do it again

  4. Loved, Loved ,this interview just love his answers. He is so layed back with these interviews. He says well maybe we know here but just love how he try's to cover it up about him and Gabi. I tell you I've seen some pic's of them and they absolutely make the cutest couple. VERY SWEET to be that young and in love and I know it's hard especially they both being in different schools and him being so busy but you know that's where it really probably gives them to miss each other so bad!!!! He looks so handsome in that suit and when he made that big ole smile that's our Scotty love it when he smiles big just a beautiful smile his got!!!! Well Scotty you did good and we're here for your next adventure!!!!YAY SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYTB


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