Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Charlotte Today: We talk with Scotty McCreery!

EDIT: I've added some pictures, 2 videos and a link to see more about Scotty
Kellie Patterson ‏@KelliePatterson
OMG I soo wish I brought @allipattt to work w/ me today! @scottymccreery is her FAVORITE! #talent
Photos | Scotty McCreery drops by NBC Charlotte

 Click on the link to see more pictures from Scotty's visit

Credit: NBC Charlotte


  1. Can't seem to watch this video. It will let me see the commercial but then gives me a message about the stream is not found... don't know what to do.

    1. Not sure what's wrong Angela it's letting me play it. Sorry

  2. GREAT INTERVIEW. LOVE IT. Donna, find the video of him singing from him being there. so we can see it.

  3. Wonderful and amazing video's. Love it that he mention's bojangles in Water tower town. after he said bojangles in the song Matt,Joey,Jeffery laugh. he sure does love that place cause he eats there two times. he is so adorble. Love him to pieces.


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