Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Carrie Underwood vs. Scotty McCreery – The Showdown

Carrie Underwood Scotty McCreery
Ethan Miller / Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Carrie Underwood fans got an early jump on Luke Bryan fans last Friday and never let up through the weekend. ‘See You Again’ took 59 percent of the Showdown vote against ‘Crash My Party’ during a weekend-long song battle that brought more people to the polls than any Showdown in months. Today’s battle of ‘American Idol’ winners promises to be one of the most voted-on… ever.

Scotty McCreery released his new song ‘See You Tonight’ last week. The first single from an upcoming new album is his songwriting debut. It will hit radio this spring, but fans are already giving it two thumbs up. Today’s contest is a battle of McCreerians vs. Care Bears, and it begins right now!

Listen to clips of both Underwood and McCreery’s songs and vote for your favorite here. You can vote once every hour until this Showdown ends on Wednesday at 8AM ET, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. The winner of this matchup will face a new challenger on Wednesday.

 Click on the link below to vote

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  1. I Love both of them but I Love Scotty the more. It's Scotty that need's to win this. cause he deserve's this. I Love them both the same amount.


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