Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A couple places to vote for Scotty McCreery's See you Tonight

Cody Plays The Top 5

Vote for your favorite 5 songs! Then listen to Cody to hear who gets the most votes. You can also vote at 866-877-4 CMT! High 5 based on votes via website, phone, social portals and CMT traffic.

Click on the link below to vote for See You Tonight


Scotty McCreery vs. Pistol Annies – The Showdown

Scotty McCreery vs. Pistol Annies
Frazer Harrison / Scotty McCreery, Getty Images
For the fourth-straight Showdown, the champion has fallen. Scotty McCreery‘s new single ‘See You Tonight’ topped Carrie Underwood‘s ‘See You Again’ in a battle of former ‘American Idol’ winners. Fans of both artists were diligent with their votes, but in the end the North Carolina native took over 60 percent of the tally.

Starting today, the love song from McCreery’s upcoming second album will face the new song from the Pistol Annies. ‘Hush Hush’ is also the lead single from a new album, but the similarities between the singles stop there. Two very different fanbases will square off in this Showdown, which runs through Friday morning (April 19).

Listen to clips of both McCreery and Pistol Annies’ songs and vote for your favorite here. You can vote once every hour until this Showdown ends on Friday at 8AM ET, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. The winner of this matchup will face a new challenger on Friday.

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  1. Try to get the Smash Interview Magazine interview of Scotty. Wow, this is the best interview EVER about my favorite country singer EVER, Scotty McCreery! I am glad he remembered me from Ohio! I went to his baseball game and I got to talk to him right after an interview before his game, and told him I was his #1 Ohio fan. He was so kind and did not rush me talking to him, but told me he hoped he got to play that day. Well, as it turned out they did not play him that day in baseball, but I still left as happy as a lark, and I got to actually talk to him, plus his family sat close to where I was sitting, so I got to talk to Mike, who was ultra friendly to this Ohio fan. I have a big picture of Scotty and me in my living room that my son took. What a day to remember forever. Janfan

    1. You are right, Janice Tom. I just read it, an awesome interview! A couple of different questions, which is refreshing and interesting. We sure love our Scotty!!

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  3. Donna could you add the other media list you had before . it was much easier we just clicked on it . they were listed by state.


  4. T.O.C. new poll...Scotty vs.Pistol Annie..The media base that was posted above yesterday was so much better I agree it took you into all the radio stations to request,and I can't find it anywhere,I live in PA.,and all the stations were there.

  5. Way to go Scotty we got to get our fingers really going again so let's do it. I hope Scotty and his crew are going to make a video pretty soon of SEE YOU TONIGHT because I cannot wait to see him on GAC and CMT again. You guy's get busy OK!!!!! ILYTB

  6. Oh Yeah Ya'll don't forget to go to WKDQ RADIO Scotty is going against Kacey Musgraves this time .. GO VOTE!!!!!! If he keeps winning he goes into the HALL OF FAME IDK how many weeks it goes on> THANKS!!!!



  8. Vote for Scotty on Taste of Country showdown. Very large change in numbers for just 1 hour. At 12 o'clock I voted for Scotty and he had 83.94% and Pistol Annie had 16.06%. One hour later 1 o'clock Scotty has 70.67% and Pistol Annie has 29.33%. That is like a 13% increase in just one hour. I will keep voting each hour and hope Scotty doesn't go down as fast as he did.


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