Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tweeted pictures of Scotty McCreery in Katy, Texas

Cristina Kelley ‏@CKW316 5h @ScottyMcCreery had a blast in Katy Tx!

IPB Image
Tori Gonzales.‏@toriigonzales2m Mini Video - click on the link
Scotty McCreery! ��������

xoKayla123xoKayla ✌ 1m
In color @scottymccreery 

Lizzie Mat ‏@LMatjeka 56s
Crowd filling in for @ScottyMcCreery

SkylieRaeKylie Skittles 12m
Best night ever. All thanks to @ScottyMcCreery #FanForLife

ashleyrenee415Ashley Morrison 2m
Just saw @ScottyMcCreery up close!! He was amazing (:

Sydney Whigam‏@SWhigam5m
 Click on the link below

LisaCroft22Lisa Croft 
@ScottyMcCreery is in Katy, Texas!! 

xoKayla123xoKayla ✌ 


  1. It was nice of everyone to share their pictures n videos but I dont have an iphone to download the vine apps to be able to view the video. Do u think the mini video is downloaded on ytube?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. I viewed them at Idol Forums, I don't have an iphone either and don't know how to download anything. Techno-challenged.


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