Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scotty McCreery's interview with 92.5 Country

 :00 Have you been hanging out with Gabi Dugal?
 :27 What about Lauren Alaina?
1:04 Are you dating either one of them?
1:33 When's the last time he actually had a good night's sleep?
1:57 What is it about you that attracts older women?
2:23 Who's your favorite cougar?
3:03 You cover Garth regularly, have you ever met him?
3:51 The Biebs wants to do a concert in space. Is this something you've considered?
4:34 Are you working on new music?

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  1. OMG don't you just love him, I just love how good his got at these interviews he is just a outgoing young man and Hey ladies guess us oldies are called COUGERS, HA!!!! Loving this and love his answers too. THIS right here is why we love him did you hear her say I just love him well this is why he has an answer for everybody WAY TO GO SCOTTY you are getting better everytime you have an interview. Your just one in a million to us!!!!!!ILYTB

  2. I do love him to pieces. yes he is getting better at these interviews so proud of him. he should only be with Gabi cause he knows her. love his answers too. it was great that he was out with some friends having a good time. hi bud you need to get plenty of rest while you can. cause he loves sports alot,that why he is outgoing. you are indeed one in a million to us. we are so happy that you are to have you in our lives!!!!!!! ILYTB FOREVER.

  3. Poor Scotty, they just won't leave him alone about Gabi, but I guess he better get used to it. I have noticed how his answers have changed over this past year or so. Bless his heart. He is taking his time on this subject and, he is right about one thing, he is very BUSY and I am sure dating is very tough at best. It takes a very special girl to stick with someone as busy as Scotty. The whole interview was great! How about that compliment about how Scotty NAILS Garth Brooks' songs!! I love that, and that was from a radio person, y'all. GO SCOTTY! Do your thing and everyone will have to acknowledge your amazing talent one of these days!!

  4. Yeah I did love that too where he said he nailed Garth Brooks songs, yep Scotty you are doing what God wanted you to do and we are so Proud that you took that little trip on a whem and won. Yes he is getting better and better at these interviews but I know these Radio people wants to know about his dating and I do think when Scotty is ready to let that part of his life out its his private life and even if he is dating Gabi or whoever which we do know here, I think its his bussiness when he does want to tell the world because we know he is a private person. Scotty I think you are doing a Great Job on that question and your others. They love interviewing you. We love you Scotty:):):)


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