Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scotty McCreery will be performing at the Katy Texas Crawfish Festival tonight

March 23rd 10:00-11:30 pm

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  1. Scotty just seen your post we cannot wait either hurry, hurry guys we need some new music from Scotty just when you decide but hopefully its soon. I watched all your videos from The Strawberry Festival. I mean everyone of them and OMG Scotty you really did rock that night just absolutely nailed it. You said you thought that was one of your best concerts I think that one and your Valentines day one loved it also and both of them the fans loved you. I'm loving your new moves love you are doing that going from side to side and talking during your concerts you are so funny too. Loving seeing that side of you also. I am one of those MOM"S AND NANA"S that love watching you because I love love your music. You have grown up on us Scotty but I am loving it because now you can sing about girls all you want and your old enough to sing whatever you want without people saying whatever. Your you and You are one in a million to us. We love you Scotty and I hope to goodness I can come to one of your concerts you just got to come towards Nashville, Louisville, Ky., Evansville IND. or even Lexington, Ky. I probably could go there again I did to see you and Brad so Please have a tour this away Nashville would really be awesome I was wanting to come to see you in Nashville at the OPRY but Man you are almost completely sold out already except at the top and I don't like heights HA!!! I know you'll be back again you have one Amazing Tour though loving your new songs everyone of them SEE YA TONIGHT, Suntan, and ROCK this Night love your opening act on that one AMAZING !!!!! Well you nail it at your concert tonight I know you will so Have Fun and Have a Safe trip back home. ILYTB Scotty


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