Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scotty McCreery at Mystic Lake Casino

chuckchuck8 charlie dean
@scottymccreery bringing some summer to Minnesota with @k102 #rockthisnight

Talia Sherry ‏@t_sherry36 8m
Is this real life? scottymccreery 😍😄💙
Photo by tsherry7
IPB ImageCredit to: harrystylesinbeanie Credit to: Kristy Fleck


  1. Scotty is just so wonderful! Dirty Dishes is one of my favorite songs from his album. It never fails to pull at my heart strings. I think it should have been released as a single, if not to regular radio, then to gospel radio. It is a song that really should have been heard by a radio audience because it is just that good. Whoever wrote that song, wrote a masterpiece! Scotty's voice just elevates it. It is just so beautiful!

  2. Yes I agree he sings that song with so much emotion and love that you just feel it in your heart. He has just come so far and I think he just keeps getting better and better his so good already and the fans just love him performing on this Tour he has learned plenty from Brad and Brad I want to personally THANK YOU for asking Scotty to come on Tour because he is one that appreciates what you have done for him and he even says it on his interviews his had a lot and that is just the kind of person Scotty is. I've been watching a lot of his videos lately and he just needs to be heard so much on radio because Man he is performing out of the ballpark at his concerts and YOU can tell the crowd is loving everything he is doing young and old!!!!!well Love you Scotty :):):)


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