Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photos of Scotty McCreery at The Florida Strawberry Festival

 Click on the link to see some great pictures of Scotty at the Florida Strawberry Festival


  1. Like you can see, Scotty really packed them in. In that same afternoon with another famous country singer there (don't want to mention who), very few seats were filled except the free bleachers in the back. But they sure came out for our Scotty! janfan

  2. Nothing spells success better than full stands at a concert venue, and this was a large venue!! Scotty, I am supporting the right artist for sure!! America loves Scotty McCreery, North, South, East and West -- and overseas too!! I can't wait to see you at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA and hear you stunning, beautiful voice for a solid hour and a half!!

    I have read that this season American Idol is going to be doing some "Where Are They Now?" spots to spotlight the success of some of the idol winners (and maybe some other contestants who have successful careers going). They better show Scotty in one of those (if they really do that) so the naysayers out there can see that Scotty was indeed the one who was supposed to win season 10, that America did get it right, that he definitely has the most star power of anyone on season 10 and way more success than anyone else that season, WAY MORE!!!

  3. I totally agree with you EJJ in GA 100%. Great picture's.


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