Friday, March 22, 2013

Changes on the site


Just wanted to get some input from everyone about something I've been thinking about doing.

I was thinking about just posting the current month's shows on the sidebar, instead of the whole years shows. Because if you click on the 2013 event schedule at the top of the page Scotty's 2013 schedule for the whole year (updated as we find out new dates) is posted, so I didn't know if we really needed it on the side also.  - Just give me your thoughts on this.

*** I've updated the Video page at the top - I think it is up-to-date*****

Thank you for visiting the site - all of us here at Fans of Scotty appreciate you very much!!!!


  1. Donna I really like it the way that it is, I love seeing the whole year display. Thanks for all you do for this site, love you and the young ladies. GRANDMA FORM TX.

  2. Donna, we love all you do for this site and as long as we know what is going on with Scotty then I think what ever makes it easy for you it should be alright. Thank you and the others for letting us see what Scotty is doing. He is such an amazing person. His faith, family and music makes him so special. I have to listen every day to his songs it helps me get thru the day easier. He has such an amazing voice. Thank you so much. Just Another Grandma from Tx.

  3. Donna do what is easier for you i think the current month would be a great idea.

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  5. If it is not any additional work, I really like the whole year up like you have it. I use it all the time to plan my schedule and see which states Scotty will be in to let family and friends know so they can see him. I look at it every time I come to your site. I love the way it is now. Your site is extremely organized and very informative. I come here several times a day to check on Scotty.

    I love that you're back and I hope your family visit was joyous. Thank you very much for everything!

    If you decide to change it, it's fine with me. Whatever you think is best. Like I said, your site is great!

  6. Anything you can do to make the site come up on my computer faster is great. All we have to do is click the 2013 Event Schedule at the top and we have the full year schedule. So anything to save space would be fine with me. I like Twitter being on the side. You all do a great job! Thank you!

  7. Anything is fine with me I'll go where ever you put it. What's easier for you!!!!! I JUST THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR US MCCREERIANS TO JUST HAVE IT ON HERE for us all to see. Really Thank You and the others that help you:):):)

  8. I think what ever you feel makes it informative you guys have done so well you know best. Thanks for doing this website


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