Sunday, March 10, 2013

A fan shares her experience seeing Scotty McCreery in concert at The Strawberry Festival

 I wanted to create a post for this to be sure everyone has the opportunity to read it.  Once I receive the videos I will add them to this post!  Thank you for sharing your memories with us - we appreciate it! Donna
Scotty is a born artist and a performer....with excellence and perfection. This is the second time that I saw him perform. The first time was in Tampa with BP and TBP. It was rather short and I promised myself that I would watch his solo concert if given the chance. So when I found out that he would be gracing the Plant City strawberry festival which is 45a min from us. I didnt hesistate to buy myself and my husband tkts. To my dismay I couldnt get any seats close to the stage on the 2nd day they started toto sell online.

Just the same we went. I was very excited and anxious to see him. My family and friends know how crazy I am about Scotty. There was a mix of young and old audience. I learned from the concessioners that they have a big turnout of people yesterday because of "The American Idol", as one of them described Scotty. I was kinda doing some detective work. I ask if the attendance rate of other big name stars before him was as good as Scotty's .... they said no. Besides his ticket price is higher than some who have been in the business before him.

Overall performance was outstanding. He would sing fast songs and slow down and go fast again and serenade us again with love songs. My husband loved his version of The Dance. He comnented that sometimes the band would drown his beautiful voice which is not his fault but it was the sound mixing territory.

What I love with Scotty was when he talks to the audience... he did this several times. He was very engaging and funny most of the time. I was able to re ord a portion but dont know how to download it. It was a good thing that a lot of videos have come out because mine were not clear and great. I thank these people for sharing them.

He is full of energy...he didnt have any intermission at all. His voice was strong from beginning til his last song.
And to tell you frankly, he is so cute, adorable and sexy in person. You could hear every teenage girls giggling and older ladies swooning over our idol.

I am still starstruck. I told my husband that I am going to his next concert in Orlando in May, 2 hrs away from us. This time I will see to it I will be up front and maybe buy meet and greet passes. I have never been a fan of anyone and followed the life and career of an artist. I pray that he stays grounded and be faithful to his faith.

SCOTTY is amazing!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I was fortunate to see him many times last year and love seeing him live. We will be seeing him again in April. I hope you'll be able to see him again in May. I have never followed anyone either. Scotty always puts a smile on my face. I'm sure he made some new fans at the festival. He has nice fans that make his concerts fun. I will always be a huge fan of him. A fan for life!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your experience and Donna thanks for posting all those videos
    Someday I will experience one of Scotty’s concerts

  5. Yes thanks Donna enjoy reading abt the concert. I think Scotty will NERVR forget about his fans and he will stay grounded. Went to see him in Lexington with BP and can't wait to go to Scotty's. Hopefully he'll come back to Lex. louisville , or cincinnati soon !!!! I'm glad for all the videos so I can watch him perform whenever I want. Thank you all !

  6. Thanks for posting the great concert review!

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is always nice and fun to hear people's experience at the concerts. I hope someday I will get to experience it myself. Thanks again donna for posting the video's for us to watch of our Scotty. We do appreciate you everything you do for us, cause you are always busy and don't have the time to get things done on here. Of couse Scotty wont forget his fans!!!

  8. Donna, please post this place to vote:

    POLL: Best 2013 Florida Strawberry Festival Concert « WQYK 99.5 ... I was there and Scotty well deserves the votes!!! thanks.

  9. Love Love this review on Scotty's concert, I want to go to one of his headlining tours soooo bad. Yeah I saw him with Brad Paisley and the band perry in Evansville, Indiana and Lexington Ky and Loved Loved them but it sounds like Scotty has come alive in his concert not that he wasn't in Brad's but OMG I cannot wait to see him with these mo=ves he has gotten he is better than ever and I personaly want to see HIM> I will always be a Big fan since day one of idol. He is one Amazing Artist and I want to Meet him and if I ever get a chance if he comes to KY, Louisville or Lexington or especially Nashville I WILL definitely be there and hopefully I can Meet him in person he has personally touched my life with his songs and I will be so blessed to get to meet him. I am not a spring chicken but I am 59 and I love following him here and listening and watching his videos and ILYTB SCOTTY so Keep on nailing it every concert because I cannot wait to hear those new songs live because I Love See ya Tonight, Suntan, love your moves and performance on CrS show and OMG ROCK THIS NIGHT LOVE IT!!!!You all here at Fans of Scotty have a great day because you all deserve it I thank You from the bottom of my heart for posting all of this for us here!!!!!!ILYTB SCOTTY

    1. Mama G

      I hope you get to meet Scotty someday!! If you do, just remember that those of us who are over 55 can give him a big hug without embarrassment. The younger fans are timid about the hugs but we know how to give those great mom and grandmom hugs! My 80 year old mother gave him a wonderful hug and Scotty's mom took a nice photo My mother is smiling so big in that photo that she almost glows! Of course, I had to get my hug after she got hers and I also have a nice photo to remember it by (like I would EVER forget!).

      Scotty is a sweet and gracious young man and I will be a fan of his for life. He is a true southern gentleman and knows how to treat people. His talent is amazing!. He has won the hearts of so many people of all different ages and when he makes fans---they are forever fans!

    2. 413Mom Yes Me Too even at 59 I would probably faint. Nah, I wouldn't but I think one day I will get that Sweet Hug from him and Lordy that will last me for a lifetime. HA!!!! Thanks so much but he really has blessed me so much since my husband passed away and the sweet young man he really doesn't know how much he does touch people's lives. He is one Amazing young man and ILYTB Scotty, Thanks 413Mom


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