Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Couple Polls you can vote for Scotty McCreery

The New 103.7 Hot Men Madness 2013
Sexy 16 – Vote daily until Sunday, March 24 at 11:59pm ET 


Country Cuties 2013

Round II: Fri, March 22 - Tues, March 26 at 9am
Round III: Tues, March 26 - Fri, March 29 at 9am
Round IV: Fri, March 29 - Tues, April 2 at 9am
Semifinals: Tues, April 2 - Fri, April 5 at 9am
Finals: Fri, April 5 - Mon April 8 at 5pm 


Who Is Country Music’s Hottest Bachelor?

They’re great looking, talented and, above all, single and very available. But only one can claim the title of Country’s Hottest Bachelor. It’s all up to you! Choose from the hot list on this page or pick your own favorite. We’ll publish the results in a future issue of Country Weekly.
Cast your vote below! Poll ends March 31.

 I know this is a picture not a poll but I wanted to add it on this post :) 

 Jeremy Cowart  Thursday

Awesome shoot today with American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. Photo bomb by Andres Martinez. — with Andres Martinez and Scotty McCreery.




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  2. Donna, 103.5 hottest man in country music Scotty is up against Keith Urban he is ahead by two points .There are only 8 to ten of them left the new voting started today,maybe you can post the link to this Keith is pretty hard to beat ,let's get this one for Scotty


  3. 103.7 hot men madness has changed Scotty is up against Brad,and Scotty is way behind...time to go vote

  4. The new 103.7 hot men madness at the top of the page ...

    Yesterday Scotty had a thirty something point lead on Brad last night.and Brad is catching up.Scotty is still ahead ,but he dropped like 15 points or if you haven't voted ,if you can give Scotty a vote,and get him back up there.I guess some of the other artist up for it there fans are giving Brad a hand.I love Brad,but Scotty's still my favorite.I


  5. 103.5 ..The hottest man in country music.2013. Final four,Scotty is against Dierk Bentley,,and Josh Turner against Casey James.Scotty a little ahead so if you didn't vote now is the time.


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