Thursday, February 21, 2013

VIDEO: Scotty McCreery interview

Stephanie Langston ‏@stephnthecity @ScottyMcCreery host @CountryMusic All Stars Concert. Check out our interview from @Yallwire! …


  1. This is so good I just love it,he's just so darn handsome,and he is so good at speaking,the kids were so cute ,it looked like it was a great evening for him.Thanks for posting this Donna,it's a little different then the one I was referring to,I think this is the better one.Awesome..

  2. I love Stephanie she's the one that had the fun interview with SCOTTY last time she is really good and I think Scotty did such a wonderful job being the speaker of this amazing "Keep the music playing concert". He really does know what these kids are going through and his life growing up learning what his teachers taught him because it has helped him get where he is today. He answered the questions with so much sincerity and is so mature and speaking. His class in college must be helping him because he sounded like a professional. He looked so handsome and is growing up right before our eyes. Good job Scotty and I know these kids appreciate you and what you did for them the other night. Loved seeing this interview. Thanks Donna:):):) Have a good concert tonight Scotty!!!!!!ILYTB

  3. Hey Donna I made a Gmail acct. but IDK what I am doing wrong beccause under what I write its saying REPLY Delete and Idk why its doing that does anyone know. I'm not good at this. I'm the one you gave note to in northcaralina at Best Buy I was afraid you wouldn't know me since I have Mama G. Thanks Donna!!

    1. Mine says reply delete also and when I click on "sign out" it goes away. Might try that.

  4. It is always so good to see Scotty doing so well. Keep up the good works. ILUTB.
    And God bless you and your family and the whole crew. I pry that you will have great success at all of your concerts. GRANDMA IN TX.


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