Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scotty McCreery's Weekend RoadTrip Tour 2013 kicks off tonight in Bethlehem, PA

Credit to: Stacy Marie

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

Since winning the 10th season of the hit television series, American Idol, fans have fallen in love with the deep, melodic voice of country cutie, Scotty McCreery. Born and raised in North Carolina, his southern roots shined as he belted out songs from country legends, like Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt throughout the Idol competition. Scotty became the youngest male winner and the only country male artist to win the American Idol competition. Upon winning, Scotty released his coronation song “I Love You This Big”, which became a Top 15 hit and earned him the honor of having the highest chart debut for a new artist since 1984.
In October of 2011, McCreery’s first country album, Clear As Day, debuted and went platinum. The album is an impressive collection of songs that vividly paint a picture of who Scotty is as a person and an artist. “On this album, I wanted them to make sure they really got who I am, how I grew up in Garner, N.C., and what I’m all about,” he says. “It was also really important to me to keep some of the traditional elements of country music in it, to remember where country came from, and I think we did that.” With themes such as girls, family, and the Bible, the album is a cool blend country and contemporary music. McCreery’s second single off the album, “The Trouble With Girls”, achieved rapid success, with lyrics describing the power women have over men.
In 2013, Scotty McCreery kicks off his national tour.
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  1. Enjoy yourselves, all you McCrerians who can attend either this show or another. With the new songs and new covers as well as new intro and new stage, this is going to be a hootenanny!! I can't wait to see the vids!!!!! Elise

  2. I don't know if I'll be able to stand it until the photos & videos start coming in. Oh, how I wish I could be in Bethlehem, PA tonight!!! Would love to see Scotty's new tractor-trailer too.

  3. ..Such a good clear video,Thank you so much...Love the song..

    1. This particular song is cute & just so age appropriate - really appeals to teens/high school/college kids -

  4. First of all, Thank you so much Stacy Marie for the Amazing video of Scotty performing it was just so close of him and the crowd just loving every minute of it. I love seeing how the crowd reacts and you can tell this song is just out of this world. Can't get enough of it even if I am an older person. Thank you so much Donna for all the posting on here because without all you guys we wouldn't see them.Scotty excellant performance just wish I could be there!!!!!Happy Valentines Day Scotty and ? :):):) Love this song for Valentines its the way we all have grew up and its just Scotty and his feelings and the love he feels for A girl just absolutely love it. Have a Great Day everyone. To my Late Husband Happy Valentines Day to the one I will always love that will be in my heart forever and will always be MY Valentine. ILYTB and have a good one!!!!!!!!!! Hey Scotty you bring the house down tonight and a BIG COGRATS FOR YOUR OPENING TOUR TONIGHT!!!!!!!!KENTUCKY FAN FOREVER...

  5. Scotty McCreery ASU Devil Palooza 2013 - credit to Stacy Marie

    You Make That Look Good

    I Like It, I Love It (cover of Tim McGraw) - crowd singing along!

    Better Than That

    Out Of Summertime

  6. Scotty McCreery ASU DevilPalooza 2013

    He starts talking and says that the girls are fine and he has already caught a good glimpse :) must see!!!

    credit to Stacy Marie


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