Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scotty McCreery's Weekend RoadTrip Tour 2013

Scotty's tour is mentioned first on this video, it's not much but thought I'd post it.
 Credit to: InsideMusicRow

Sarah Darling Interview With

Sarah talks briefly (very briefly) about her upcoming tour with Scotty
Credit to: CountryMusicRocksnet


  1. I don't know where would be the right place to post this link, but feel it deserve to be seen. Scroll down to the fourth title. I was very surprised as I am sure you will be, if you haven't seen this video before.

    1. that link doesn't work - but you are suppose to be posting things like this in the Scotty Link tab at the top of the page.

  2. Sarah Darling is lovely! Can't wait to see Scotty's Road Trip Concert!

  3. Collaboration???? Can't wait to see what this tour has in store for all us McCreerians! As soon as I heard Sarah was going to be with Scotty on this tour, I was hoping they would sing together. This is going to be an "amazing" show! Hope he makes it to Northwest Florida.....Panama City would be great (especially since his new song "Suntan" mentions it in the lyrics)!!!! I am only 50 miles from those beautiful beaches and would LOVE to see Scotty play there.

  4. She has a beautiful voice. It would be awesome if they would sing something together. Even more awesome if they would record something together.

  5. Sarah is super nice! I love her voice, and her song 'Home To Me' is a winner for sure!!

  6. Scotty's Intro Song he'd performed first in ASU's Devilpalooza:


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