Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scotty McCreery Rocks Rapids Theatre

Niagara Gazette

February 19, 2013

FAN REVIEW: Scotty McCreery rocks Rapids Theatre

By Wendy Schreiner
Niagara Gazette
Niagara Gazette — The young and oh so talented 10th season American Idol winner from Garner, N.C., Scotty McCreery sung his heart out to a jam-packed audience at The Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls on Friday night.
Love was in the air the night after Valentine’s Day as Scotty smiled and serenaded the crowd as many a girl’s and lady’s heart went pitter patter over this gifted starlight on the second night of his current tour.
At 5:20 p.m. there were already 97 excited concertgoers in line freezing. Doors were not due to open until 6:30 p.m. The crowds extended from the main theater doors down Main Street around the bend on South Street for quite a long stretch.
I was surprised at how many males and older adults were there, as I thought it would be mostly young screaming girls and teens. People came from all over. A couple in line from Almont, Mich., were there “just to see Scotty.” Ginger and Dan from Stykersville got their tickets the first day the concert was announced, while Roger and Dorothy from Johnson City were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their VIP passes to meet the singing sensation after the show.
Even a lady from Fredonia was in attendance because her “grandson looks just like Scotty.” It’s true, I saw the pictures of her grandson; he could be Scotty’s twin!
“Rock This Night” got the crowd going wild as the very talented and energetic 19-year-old dazzled in the spotlight. In his country twang he said, “How we all doin’ tonight everybody?” With his arms wide open, his signature American Idol song “I Love You This Big” was performed. He wildly strummed his guitar for an unexpected addition to the show where he showcased songs by some of his favorites including the King of Rock-n-Roll himself, Elvis and Johnny Cash.
The lively show featured phenomenal graphics with a wowing colorful light display. Two huge screens were on the sides of the stage. He dedicated his Clayton Idol song choice, “Seen It In Color” to the soldiers. Being a professed Christian, “God’s Golden Shore” was beautifully done. A fun new song “Sun Tan” featured five gigantic beach balls being tossed throughout the crowd. Scotty’s popular tunes “Dirty Dishes,” “The Trouble with Girls” and “Your Love is Better Than That” encouraged audience participation as they sang along.
Screaming girls in the front row went wild as Scotty leaped off the stage and began writing on their hands during “Write My Number on Your Hand.” His band included a keyboardist, a bango guy, three jamming guitar players and a drummer.
“See You Tonight,” a possibility for his new album definitely needs to make the cut! Stating that Garth Brooks is one of the nicest guys in the industry, Sarah Darling joined McCreery for a lovely duet of the most meaningful of Garth’s songs, “The Dance.” After chants of Scotty, Scotty, Scotty he appeared and performed “Gone” to end the night. In case you are wondering, McCreery and his family did get to see the amazing Falls earlier in the day.
During the concert, I didn’t notice any mischief, but at 11 p.m. I noticed something. After attempting to go up to the balcony where McCreery was signing autographs for those with VIP passes, one daring fan got escorted out the door of The Rapids Theatre after not listening to two requests to go back down the stairs. Blame it on the loud music or Scotty fever, not sure which; maybe she really didn’t hear the requests after the loud concert.
Newcomer Sarah Darling graced the stage as she opened for McCreery. Her hits included “How Dare You,” “Hey Monday,” “This Old T-shirt” and a catchy “She’s a Soldier’s Girl.” A World Vision table was represented to explain child sponsorship which Scotty and his parents participate in.
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  1. Fron all the videos that have been posted,thank to all the people responsible in any way for bringing his incredible tour for us to watch,and enjoy.This write up is awesome,and you can see from watching the videos his performance was outstanding.A lot of hard work on his part to accomplish so much in such a short time.I'm so happy for him,his band and all those who have helped him to on this remarkable journey.I'am so waiting to hear one of the new songs on the radio.it's been a long time coming ,but it has been worth the wait..

  2. Love the review and the description of what happened at the concert. Of course, all Scotty fans know how great he is but he's showing alot of others that he's a talented performer with a fantastic voice. He's going to rack up more fans.

  3. I just love reading all of these wonderful reviews and watching the videos over and over again! No one works harder than Scotty! He deserves all of his success! I have never in my life been a fan of any particular artist until now. Oh I might have liked songs by various artist, but I have never been a true fan of any artist until Scotty. He is going to be around for a long time and his fans are going to be there enjoying his journey. Thank you to all the people who keep this site up and running. It is a pleasure to come here and as fans be able to share our joy and excitement over all of Scotty's accomplishments.

  4. I'm also impressed, as is everyone else, with the way he dresses sometimes, like at Niagara. Scotty really makes a lot of people happy. That surely includes me. He is growing more and more handsome along with his fantastic voice. Quite a fellow to be proud of.


  6. This is just one of the great reviews that we have been seeing posted here lately. It is so wonderful that the media is finding out what all of us knew all along---and they are printing it!!!

    One of my favorite parts of this review is the discussion about the different age groups in the audience---the fact that it wasn't all screaming teenage girls. There were all ages there and both male and female. I loved when the author talked about how far people had come to get there and the couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

    I have a feeling that Wendy(the author) made some instant "Scotty" friends at the concert. Each time I have been to a concert, it's kind of like going to a "reunion" of some type. Everyone is discussing their stories about Scotty--why they like him, if they have met him, how long they have been a fan etc. Some people share their pictures that they have made with him. At one concert, I parked next to a young man and his mom. This teenager had met Scotty when Scotty visited some kids at the hospital where he was a patient. There is just a very happy, wholesome atmosphere at the concerts. (Even the security guards were nice)

    By the way, I like the screaming teenage girls--it sort of hides my own "loud response"! I would hate to see a review that talked about an old lady screaming like crazy! Note to self: Don't scream while you are filming--is isn't pretty!

  7. I love the review and am soooo excited for Scotty. He is true gem in this world!

  8. I love this review you have come so far and it looks like everyone loved you and the fans sounded amazing in the videos. 413Mom you sound like me because I cannot keep myself still at Scotty's concerts. He is one Amazing young man and yeah I am older but he makes me feel like one of these young girls here at his first concert Tour the other night.Oh well we're as young as we feel, right? Can't wait to see you come to Kentcky with this Tour because it looks like you nailed it. ILYTB SCOTTY


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