Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scotty McCreery is back in the studio recording

EDIT: Well, I really thought the negative comments had pretty much calmed down, but this week alone I've had to hide comments on 2 different posts and I'm SMH about it.  I started deleting the negative comments on this post & decided to just hide them and not allow anymore comments.  I'm sorry for the ones that left excellent comments on this post but we all know once 1 negative comment gets posted it snowballs until there's over 100 comments on one article! Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday! Donna

EDIT:  I'm just getting back online and seen these tweets from Judy & Scotty - looks like we are going to hear all the McCreery's on this next album!  Donna

My family recording a little bit for the next record!

A chance to backup for Scotty...too much fun..

Having a good time here in Nashville with working on his next album.