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Scoping out Scotty McCreery: 'American Idol' winner talks about first headline tour and second album

February 10, 2013

Scotty McCreeryScotty McCreery was just 17 when he won the 10th season of “American Idol” in 2011. So it’s to be expected his career will develop differently than most other music artists.
                                          Scotty McCreery
For one, McCreery finished his senior year at Garner High School in Garner, N.C., as his debut album, “Clear As Day,” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s albums chart, went platinum and earned him Best New Artists at both the American Country Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards.
Now, on his first tour as a headlining artist, McCreery will play only weekends, so as not to interfere with his studies as a freshman communications major at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.
The tour kicks off Feb. 14 at Sands Bethlehem Event Center. In a recent telephone interview from his Raleigh, N.C., home to promote the show, McCreery talked about “Idol,” his career and his upcoming sophomore album.
Here’s a transcript of the call:
SCOTTTY MCCREERY: “Sorry we’re a little late. We’re running a behind.”
“We’re going to be flying back out to Nashville for more recording and stuff.”
You just played the Grand Ole Opry.
“Yes sir!”
Scotty McCreery new 1Pretty cool.
“Yeah, it’s definitely one of my favorite spots to play. It’s a lot of history in that place.”
Have you played there before?
“Yeah, I played there a number of times in the past couple of years and it’s always a great experience.”
The reason we’re talking is because you are going to be launching your first headlining tour at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
“Yes sir, yeah. We’re excited about it. Last year, I had the opportunity to go out with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry and we were out there playing arenas and big amphitheaters. It’s not like I’m out there doing that, but it’s my first chance to get out there and be the guy that’s onstage for an hour and a half, playing my music and really letting the fans know what I’m all about, so we’re looking forward to it.”
Am I correct that you’re going to be going out, basically, on weekend runs?
“Yeah, that’s why we call [the tour] The Weekend Road Trip. I’m actually a college student, as well, so I’m balancing a lot right now. And so Monday through Wednesday, I go to class. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we’re going to be hitting the road, and getting the touring circuit, and recording, as well. Getting this album straight; album No. 2. So we’re kind doing anything and everything right now, throughout the week.”
NC State? Go Wolfpack!
“Yeah! Wolfpack it is [laughs].”
What are you studying?
“Right now I’m majoring in communication, with focus on media. So I’m kind of seeing the other side of things from a media aspect.”
Scotty McCreery new 2I read that you are going to be playing some new songs on the shows?
“Yeah, we might be. We’re in the process of recording those songs right now and still picking out and writing and all of that stuff. So as those songs come along, as they evolve and we get the recording process done, we’re going to be playing them and just kind of feel them out, see which ones the crowds react to and try and get a good feel on what kind of songs we want to have singles on for the radio.”
Tell me about the album in general. What kind of feel does it have? Is it significantly different from your first album?
“Uh, you know, I figure it’s going to be. You’re going to know it’s my album – but I think for me, since I got started so young, I’m hoping it will mature with me, kind of grow with me. I’m thinking we’re getting a lot of better songs as well for this album. My first one, I’m definitely proud of it, but we kind of rushed it a little bit to make sure to get it out in October.  So we’re taking out time with this one and making sure we get it right and hopefully the end product definitely reflects that.”
You have a release date set yet, or you have any idea?
“No, no release date right now. We’re still kind of feeling it out, figuring out when it will work. You know,  I want to make sure we have the songs right before we put anything out, so that’s my main focus right now.”
Do you write?
“Yeah, I’ve got a couple of songs on this album that are going to be mine and I did a lot of co-writing for this album and, you know, we picked the best songs – whether they were my songs or whether they were somebody else’s songs. Luckily, I think a few of mine are going to make it, so we’re excited about it.”
Great. You say your first album – you certainly can’t find anything wrong with it. I mean, it topped the Billboard 200, goes platinum. I mean, you had a great shot coming out of the gate.
“Yeah, we couldn’t ever have expected the success that it had. We were just focused on putting out a good country record. And seeing it go platinum in 13 weeks and it topping the Billboard charts – that was just mind-blowing to me, and I was ecstatic. But the fans have been great to me. They were there for me on the show, they were there for me on the road last year, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again on this upcoming tour.”
A couple of other things that happened to you: Academy of Country Music New Artist of the Year. In 2011 you get to sing the national anthem at the World Series. Pretty crazy stuff there, too.
“Yeah, we got to do so many cool things. The World Series was definitely a highlight for me, ‘cause I played baseball my whole life as I was growing up and to combine baseball and singing at the World Series, that was like a dream come true. But we got to do a lot of cool things, especially that first year out of the gate and now the mission is just to make sure we keep that momentum going and make sure we have the right songs so we can keep the train rolling, you know?”
Talk a little bit about what it was like finishing high school while all of that was going on. How did you manage that?
“Uh, I think high school, that wasn’t a huge challenge like college is right now. High school was easier for me. I knew a lot of people there and I’d been there for three years – that was my senior year when everything was going on. So finishing high school wasn’t the biggest problem in the world. I enjoyed it; I got to go back and play baseball, spend time with some friends and do things that, going out to the show in L.A., people pretty much told me that part of my life was over. And so, we kind of proved them wrong and got to go back and do those things. But it wasn’t a huge, monumental task, I don’t think.”
I really have to salute you. It seems like you’re a guy who really has his head on straight to be able to do that; to understand how important that is in life and to be able to go back and do that while all of that other stuff is going on. I think you really impressed a lot of people when you did that.
“Oh, thank you. You know, I’m only this age once – I want to make sure I have those experiences as well as my education. Education’s important. If you have the chance, the opportunity, I think you should capitalize on it. So while I can, I’m doing it.
“And I’m still putting 110 percent into my music. I feel like some people might think, ‘Oh, he’s doing school, how can he focus on music as well?’ In my eyes, I’m having to work harder because of the demand to balance things at the same time. I want to make sure people understand that; that I’m not putting music on the back burner.”
 How did you decide to put out a Christmas album?
“That was something that we talked about really early on, probably a year in advance from when we actually did it. And for me, that was one of the things as we were growing up, we all listen to Elvis’s Christmas album and the classics, and a lot of country artists in particular, they wait years into their career before they ever do one. But we had brought up the idea to the label and their response was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know.’ But then we brought it up again later on, they were like, ‘Yeah, let’s go for it.’ It winded up being a big thing. It went gold for us and we had a lot of fun doing it. Since I did it so early in my career, too, I’m thinking down the road maybe we can do Volume 2 or Volume 3, you know?”
[Laughs] Yeah, good idea. Hey, I saw you were back on “American Idol” on Jan. 23. Talk about how that came about. How did you end up going back to the auditions?
“Yeah, well, we actually did that during the summer. We were playing a show down in Florida that day and that night, and so me and my tour manager flew up to Charlotte for the auditions there that morning and we filmed a bunch of stuff and talked with the contestants who were trying out. And then we flew back out right afterward and went back to Florida and played the shows. So it was a long day, but it was a fun day. Just to get back to that first day, ‘cause that’s where it really started for me.”
Do you stay in contact with any of the people you met on “Idol”?
“Yeah, a lot of them. Me and the contestants, we’ll send out texts every now and then and see how everybody’s doing and we still see people, especially like at award shows with TV stuff around it. Yeah, we try and stay in contact.”
I can’t let you go without asking this: So many of the recent “Idol” winners and top finishers are no longer even under record contracts. Lee DeWyze and Kris Allen and David Cook and I don’t think even Adam Lambert even has a American contract anymore. Does that concern you? That ‘Idol’ doesn’t carry that huge, superstar guarantee anymore?
“Uh, I don’t think it was ever a guarantee. You know, I think ‘Idol’ really got going with Kelly Clarkson and that kind of set the tone, so I think people automatically just assumed that everybody coming off the show would just be a superstar. And it just doesn’t always work like that. I don’t know the magic formula; I don’t think anybody really does. It’s just a lot of work and a little bit of luck and a lot about the fans, you know? The fans, I can’t talk about just how incredible they’ve been to me.
“So I’m not worried about it. I’m just going to continue to work hard and put out my best music and see where it takes me. As far as being on the radar or not, being on a record contract or not, I don’t get to thinking of that stuff too much.”

SCOTTY MCCREERY, 8 p.m. Feb. 14, Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Sands Casino Resort, 77 Sands Blvd., Bethlehem. Tickets: $39.50-$45.800-745-3000,
ALSO, 8 p.m. April 20, F.M. Kirby Center, 71 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre. $49-$99 (VIP, with meet-and-greet), 570-826-1100 


  1. Scotty is just something special...that's all...he's truly special and I know that I am going to enjoy watching him soar.

    1. I agree. Scotty in the interview he also stated that on the album he has 2 songs that he wrote and also was co-writers on some of the songs. His Gotta See You Tonight song is wonderful. I have played it over, and over and also it just stays in my head. The Suntan is so great to. I think both would be great on the Radio and I have a feeling that they are going to soar.

    2. great interview. Love you Angela you always put down what you are thinging and that is the truth, he is definitely Special cause I been knowing that from the beginning. from the cd of Clear as day to the Christmas Cd when he said that the Christmas cd was a christmas present to his fans from him right then I knew. I can't wait to hear the other songs he has plan for us to hear. cause I already love gotta see you tonight and suntan. they are going to be great songs for the radio.

    3. I love them too and and I'm so glad I got to meet go. He is such a great guy and I even gave his FAV candy stay bursts. Chloe

  2. Agree with you all "his gotta see you tonight" love love it and "suntan" both I think will be great on radio. He is doing so much now I can only imagine what is goin on in his head like the article said He is doing it all and Scotty knows exactly what he wants. Just loving it all just to be able to say Hey I saw him doing all of this its just so Amazing to say that because we all did start out with him. He is just a all around wonderful guy. This was a very good article, very very proud of you. Thanks Scotty, ILYTB.

  3. Great article! One thing Scotty can count on is his fans. He has a broad fan base that has been with him from the beginning. He is an amazing talent and we all saw it from the very beginning. It is going to be so great watching his rise to the top. His fans will be with him every step of the way. There is so much that is great about him even beyond the music.


  4. They fixed the two videos on youtube of Scottys two new songs .There great you can hear the so clearly now,and even see suntan so clear.Check it out.

  5. Scotty, I have been with you from Your Man audition and will remain with you for life. I am so very proud to be your fan.

  6. Great interview! I still enjoy reading about all of Scotty's accomplishments--no matter how many times I see them listed in different articles. It's an amazing journey and it's just beginning! Scotty just continues to "WOW" us with surprises and great things. This headlining tour is an example. How many times did McCreerians say that seeing him for only 25 minutes or so during the Paisley tour just wasn't enough? (Maybe Scotty does read these comments!) Those of us who got to see him do a solo concert knew that Scotty could pull off a solo tour. Seeing him sing for an hour and 30 minutes was still not long enough for me. Every single minute was entertaining!

    Scotty also continues to "WOW" us with his humbleness and his sweetness. Even though his popularity is going up and up--his humbleness and sweet nature stay the same. He's a guy that will always be endeared to his fans on a personal level and will always want to "give back" to others through charity events.

    One of my hopes for him is to one day hear one or more of his songs played regularly on Christian radio. I am not sure how that works--if Christian radio can just play one of his songs or does it have to be released to them along with country stations. Anyway, I would love to hear Christmas in Heaven or That Old King James or a similar song.played. I have heard Chris Daughtry played on Christian radio. I know Scotty has no desire to be a "cross over" artist--but I don't know if having a few songs played on Christian broadcasts would constitute a 'cross over" career. I think the Christian community would really like these songs!

    BTW, I know that this album coming out is considered in "recording" circles as Scotty's second album--but to me it will be his third. I like Christmas With Scotty McCreery so much that to me, it is his second album. I play it about the same amount as CAD! (If Scotty recorded a kid's nursery rhyme album I'd buy that too! LOL)

    Scotty has blessed so many lives already through his life and his music. I am so very thankful for him. Somebody is going to have to do a book about his life story in a few years. Whew! Talk about a best seller!! (and then there's the movie! LOL)

    Thank you God for Scotty McCreery!

    1. What wonderful comments you made - and so true. Thanks for putting into words all the things that so many of us are thinking about Scotty. Excellent!!

    2. Yes!! Beautiful!! And TRUE !!

    3. To anonymous at 8:37 AM. I requested "Christmas In Heaven" in December on our loyal Praise station and they played it.

    4. Thanks for that information 6:23!

      I know that there are people who listen to Christian radio, and not country, and they are missing these great songs! (I used to be one of those people--before Scotty!) I know that Scotty is planning to keep making songs like That Old King James and Christmas in Heaven--at least one per album--according to Scotty. It would be wonderful to hear them on Christian radio!.

      Thanks again! Anonymous at 8:37

  7. Thank You Scotty for the song Christmas in Heaven.My dad was a saved man. He died on 12-12-12. Your song was recorded for me. It was what got me through this time. I listen to this song and I see my dad there. I agree
    THANK YOU GOD for Scotty

  8. Love the article and the he.s goodlooking.

  9. To 11:49 Where on You Tube are the better videos you are referring to? We need the link if you could do that for us. Thanks A Lot.

  10. would like to hear a clear video of the intro song - from what i could make out on the one and only video posted on YouTube, i think this one is a hit song -

  11. To 11:49 ....

    I think its not only myself but 3 other posts say that we cant find those clearer videos. Pls tell us exactly what to put on the search box. Pls forgive the "not so good" on the comp fans. Thanks a lot.

  12. Yes 9:25 I agree with you because My husband passed away on 2-15-2009 and Scotty's song has been an inspiration to all of our children and myself. Christmas in Heaven is a song that i think everyone needs to listen to if they have lost a loved one. I bought 10 for my immediate family and just ordered 2 more for my sister to give to someone close to her that lost their Mom and Wife so Yes 9:25 I feel so close to my husband listening to this song as you do your dad. So sorry to here about you dad. May God Bless you and Scotty is just as humble and sweet as ever and yes Thanks for the Memories. Christmas in Heaven will be with us every Christmas. ILYTB SCOTTY

  13. Y3s 8:37 you said it all and soooo well stated. Scotty ib a Blessing to us all and we will be fans FOREVER and EVER AMEN !!!!!!!!! Kenyucky girl

    1. Does anyone know the name of the intro Song that he was singing? I know his Dad stated that the 3rd song was his favorite, but he never stated the name either.

    2. Thanks for your kind words Kentucky Girl or is it really Kenyucky Girl? LOL!

      Anonymous at 8:37

  14. I typed in at you tube...mccreery at the opry 2013 but only got EP's song. It was great.

  15. You said it all 8:37, can you imagine a movie about Scotty Mccreery he has a Movie in itself already. He has done more in 2 years than some people has done in 10 right? No I think a Movie would be Amazing and a Book a Best Seller for sure. His just one in a Million Young Man. You notice I said young man since I'm almost 60 I feel as young as some of you all on here, HA!!!!! Well as the saying goes Your as young as you feel well Scotty honey you make me stay young :):):) Excellant interview and love hearing him do these he is so good at the interviews always a perfect answer!!!Proud of you Scotty. ILYTB

    1. Hey 10:37!

      This is 8:37 and I will turn 58 this year! Listen, when I am at a Scotty concert, I can scream just as loud and dance just as well as those teenagers(well I try the dancing anyway). I felt kind of sorry for the senior citizens who had to sit next to me! When I met Scotty, I just didn't pose for a photo, I got a wonderful hug. What's wrong with these young ones! They don't seize the moment! LOL When that sweet young man smiles and calls me "maam", I realize that there's a hug just waiting there that I will remember the rest of my life! 5 seconds of perfect joy! I will never forget it!

    2. I said to him a handshake just won't do I have to give you a hug and I did. MY 10 Year old shook his hand. What a well mannered person. He is even more humble and sweet in person. He is an excellent role model for my son. I just adore Scotty.

      I just saw a recent interview of Sarah Darling and was very, very impressed. She is very nice and grounded. She couldn't say yes or no if she was going to sing a duet with Scotty so we will see.I hope so. She has played the Opry 27 or 28 times since 2011. She is very appreciative of them supporting her like that. I am looking forward to his concert in April. I hope we get more videos !

  16. It was really neat to see Scotty at They have the video of him singing 'thats alright mama' from the Opry!


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