Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Shows Added: Scotty McCreery VIP Experience


Just a reminder VIP Concert Experiences and Fan Club pre-sale tickets are available for the shows listed below.   We are continually adding new dates, so please check back often.

VIP Concert Experience
Click here for more information and/or to purchase.

3/23/13     Katy, TX
4/25/13     Tulsa, OK
5/17/13     Elizabeth, IN  *** This show is 21+5/18/13     Windsor, ON  
6/23/13     Jackpot, NV   ***This show is all ages
Fan Club Pre-Sale Tickets
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5/18/13  Windsor, ON, Canada  ***This show is all ages

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about the VIP Concert Experience or if you need any assistance with your fan club membership. 
Scotty Fan Club Team


  1. I heard Scotty's Weekend Roadtrip advertised on NYC Nash 94.7 owned by Cumulus Media today. I was so excited!!! I hope hope hope I can hear Scotty soon on there. I will be over the moon!! I love ScotTV, the concert with Martina, and the thumb wars with Sarah. It makes me smile. We can always count on Scotty to make us smile.
    I love all the new concert videos, too. He and his band seem to be having fun and they puts on a great show.

    1. Scotty is coming to the North Dakota State Fair on July 25th. Great news for me since I will be in walking distance of his concert. My grandson who would play his cd all night long, every night, for months when he was 3 called grandma today and was so excited to go to his concert. The first thing he asked was how much. We told him that it is $85 dollars for a pass to see Scotty McCreery,Tim McGraw,Brantley Gilbert,Sawyer Brown,and Toby Keith. He got real quite on the phone and started to cry cause he thought that was alot of money and he would not be able to go. We assured him that he was going. He will be sitting right by me and singing I love You This Big. I am a 62 year old grandpa that is a huge Scotty McCreery fan as is my now 5 year old grandson. Scotty's fans are of all ages. On July 25th we are going to ROCK THIS NIGHT!

  2. There are some great new videos uploaded to youtube...the one of something else.

    Uploaded by paigegarlow07

  3. I just watched them, too. I LOVE when he writes the number on their hand. He sounds AMAZING while he's doing it - doesn't miss a beat. He is really outstanding. So much fun!! If you haven't seen the # yet, it's 919-800-7527. I hope it's ok that I posted it. (If you prefer it not given out then just take it off). I've called a few times and love it! I hope you all have a great night!

  4. I love hearing from men who love Scotty. What a nice grandpa to take his grandson to see Scotty. It is amazing how people of all ages love this kid!!! BTW, I love all pictures of Scotty but this one especially. Wish it were on the banner for this site. Though that one is cute too.

  5. To Angela,
    Yes, I have seen that video. The reaction of the crowd was priceless. I like it when somebody said "Can I kiss you on your cheek ?" Scotty willingly said yes offered his cheek...he is so sweet !!!

    Also, videos from the CRS luncheon already surfaced showing him talking to the audience and singing Gotta See you Tonight and an interview ( he talked about a lot of things about school and his sophomore album ). I hope Donna can post them here on FOS.


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