Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scotty McCreery talks Bojangles with Shannon Smith

It seems you see Scotty McCreery just about every where these days – on stage performing with big country music stars, returning to his roots by appearing on this season’s Charlotte episode of American Idol, singing on ESPN Game Day, and even in Bojangles commercials.
“So, it’s been really cool. I’ve gone there my whole life and grown up eating chicken, so for me to be part of that company… it’s a really cool thing,” McCreery said.
McCreery says now that he’s a freshman at NC State, he’s balancing being a country music singer and a student.
“I don’t think my professors really care about my outside life. Outside class, they may know about me or listen to themusic, but inside class they don’t give me any benefits – which is good. I want to get by on my own in college,” McCreery said.