Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scotty McCreery is one of the Top-Earning American Idols 2012

American Idol first aired on June 11, 2002—when Scotty McCreery was eight years old. Now 19, he’s nearly two years removed from winning the show, and he’s already living up to its lofty title.
After receiving a $250,000 record deal as part of his Idol victory package, McCreery smashed expectations with his debut album, Clear As Day, which sold over 1 million copies. The teenager quickly took advantage by hitting the road last year, opening for Brad Paisley. Next up: a solo tour and a new album later this year, all while continuing his college education. And he’ll be able to afford it, with an estimated $4 million in earnings last year, thanks largely to Idol.

“It’s meant everything,” says McCreery of the show. “I didn’t have a career before, so it was the starting point for my career and it got me going. … They reach like 16 million fans on a bad night.”

More recent winners must turn over somewhere in the neighborhood of half of their income to Idol—before paying any remaining agents, managers and attorneys, not to mention Uncle Sam.

For McCreery, that probably means pocketing only about one-fifth of his $4 million payday. He’s fine with that.  “It’s depressing when you look at it, but I’m still making a good amount,” says McCreery. “I’m not in any way complaining I’m doing a lot better than I was a few summers ago, living off the coin jar in my truck.”

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  1. Thats rediculous . They pay Mariah 18 million sad. how long does he have to fork his money over?

  2. Yeah, how long will he be under their thumb?

  3. That'still 800,000 clear...Way to go Scotty,and it's only gonna go up...he's amazing..( sure he didn't get any student loans...LOL!!


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