Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scotty McCreery at the NC State Game

Behind-The-Scenes at College Game Day Credit to: ncstateathletics

Thank you Kathy for e-mailing this picture of Scotty & Will to us! This picture was tweeted by Will Privette. He is the young man(NC State student) who got "famous" after the Duke/NC State game for "storming" the court in his wheelchair. He was being pushed by the NC State student body president. Will got knocked out of his wheelchair and the star of the NC State basketball team scooped him up and held him while they both cheered for several minutes. The basketball player probably saved Will's life! The story has been all over the internet and on national news shows. Thought it was nice that Will got this photo with Scotty today before the UNC/NC State game. Will Privette @Thrill21 @ScottyMcCreery and me chillin on the court #rollpack


  1. By the way---

    The NC State player who rescued Will Privette from the crowd was CJ Leslie. Sorry I forgot to mention his name before. Kathy

  2. a lot of interesting pics on twitter & tumbler ;D


  3. The video behind the scenes of college day was really cute.Scotty is sure in enjoying it,and I don't blame him.It's once in a life time,and he seems happy being part of the pep rally there before the game.I bet when your traveling on the road it can get pretty lonely at get to meet a lot of folks ,but it's really from a distance .


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