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Scotty McCreery solo concert 2/22/13 at Dover Downs Casino

E-mail from Scotty's Fan club that I received yesterday.

Good Morning Scotty Fan Club Members! We've got pre-sale tickets for Scotty's show on 2/12/13 @ Dover Downs Casino in Dover, DE. The sale will begin tomorrow (11/13) at noon and will end on November 20th at 9 pm Eastern. To purchase tickets - please call 800-711-5882. Use the code SMFAN 2013 when placing your order. Please feel free to call or email us if you need assistance. Thank you for your support and being a member! SM Fan Club Team
P.S. We still have a few signed copies of Christmas with Scotty McCreery in the fan club store - they make great stocking stuffers~~

 This is from the Dover Downs Casino Website

 Scotty McCreery Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9 p.m. Performing songs from his Platinum hit album “Clear as Day.” This Academy of Country Music New Artist of the year award recipient will rock the Rollins Center this February. Tickets are $35 - $85


Videos from The Grove Tree Lighting

Scotty McCreery interview w/ Robert Herrera 
credit: frontrowliveent

Scotty Mccreery at the Red Carpet for the Grove Tree Lighting 
credit: wowcelebritytv

'Tis the Season: Chatting With Scotty McCreery

Conversation With Scotty McCreery

Mike Ragogna: Hi, Scotty!
Scotty McCreery: Hey, how are you doing?
MR: I'm fine, and you seem to be doing really, really well. Serioulsly, I'm sitting in front of so much news on you that I don't even know where to start.
SM: Yeah, it's a crazy time of year for us. We're pretty pumped up and excited about what's coming up.
MR: Well, one thing that's coming up is your new Christmas album, Christmas with Scotty McCreery. What went into choosing the songs for this record?
SM: That was the tough part of this record. Singing the songs was easy because most of them I've heard my whole life, but picking them was crazy because you hear so many and there's so many different classics and traditional that you hear every year. So we sat down with a pen and paper and I put down my favorites and other people put down theirs and we kind of clashed ideas and once we got down to about eleven we were good to go.
MR: You recorded one of my favorites "O Holy Night," and you handle those high notes really well.
SM: Oh, I appreciate it. That's a tough song to sing so we took our time with that one for sure.
MR: Yeah, "Oh night divine" kills everyone.
SM: [laughs]
MR: You include a couple of new originals.
SM: Yeah, definitely.
MR: Do you want to go into them?
SM: Yeah, "Christmas in Heaven" is my favorite on the album and I was actually writing a song like that one about my grandfather and how we miss him down here and it wasn't a week later after I started writing that one that the guys in Nashville sent me this song and it was just such a perfect thing and exactly what I wanted to say in a song. I haven't really mastered my songwriting craft yet, so if I see a song that says exactly what I want to say and more I'm going to go with it. That's what that song was, and Christmas is coming around again, that was a different kind of Christmas song but it's just talking about the powerful time of Christmas, the healing power of Christmas and the great time of year it is and what it can do. To me, if a Christmas song is going to be new, it has to either make you get up and dance or it has to be really meaningful to you, so these two are definitely meaningful to me.
MR: Let's talk about Christmas for a second, Scotty. Can you throw out there one of your favorite Christmas stories, maybe one of your favorite gatherings of the family?
SM: Oh, man. Christmas is by far our favorite time of year in the McCreery household so we have plenty of stories. I think if I'm going to look back at Christmas stories, I'd probably say the Christmas I got my first guitar from my grandfather. I was probably ten or eleven and I got my first guitar. I didn't know what the heck I was doing with it at first but I got into some lessons and really started picking it and it kind of led me to my musical love today, so that was definitely a big moment for me, Christmas-wise and life-wise.
MR: You were very close to your grandfather, weren't you.

Scotty McCreery is Already Decorating for Christmas!

Scotty McCreery and Family Get in the Christmas Spirit Early This Year 

By Alanna Conaway 3 hours ago

Though many people don’t yet know what they’re cooking for Thanksgiving, Scotty McCreery and his festive family are already ready for Christmas.
The 19-year-old singer returned home from the road in October — the same month that his very first Christmas album, ‘Christmas With Scotty McCreery,’ hit stores — and was surprised to find his family home decked out with plenty of holiday cheer, Christmas tree and all!
“I think I was on the road, actually, when she put it up, and I came home and I see the Christmas tree,” McCreery explains in a statement. “I mean, it was like mid-October. It was the first time she’s ever done it like that, and it was mainly ‘cause the Christmas CD had come out in October. I can see where she kind of got in the mood early this year, but, normally, [the tree] doesn’t go up until Thanksgiving, or at least afterwards.”
He adds, “We ain’t that crazy at our house.”
McCreery has a few work-related Christmas activities on his mind, too. Last week (November 5), McCreery spent some time in Nashville, where he filmed ‘Christmas With Scotty McCreery and Friends’ — a holiday special set to air on the GAC network on December 1. The special will include performances of the ‘Idol’ star’s favorite holiday classics from his new album, plus an original tune, ‘Christmas in Heaven.’ GlorianaJana Kramer and Brett Eldredge will also appear on the show.
Needless to say, McCreery’s halls are decked


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