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Christmas With Scotty McCreery at Beacon Theatre, NY 11/23

NJ Ticket Update ‏@NJTicketUpdate
ATTN "American Idol Fans": On sale, 10/12, Christmas with Scotty McCreery at Beacon Theatre, NY, 11/23 http://tinyurl.com/96r8bk4

Tickets go on Sale OCT. 12, NOON
•Beacon Theatre, New York. Christmas with Scotty McCreery, Nov. 23, $30 to $50.


More great pictures of Scotty McCreery in Columbus, Ohio

 A huge Scotty fan and follower of this page, Amy, was also at the Virtual Reality World Tour, Oct. 5th, in Columbus, OH. She wanted to share with us her memories of the show through her pictures. Attached is the Photobucket link to the pictures from the show. We just ask that if you choose to share these pictures on your own personal page or account (FB, web, Twitter...) that you please give her credit for the pictures. Thank you Amy for sharing.

 -Amy S-
@amyjean82 (twitter)


Ron Fowler tweets a before AI video of Scotty McCreery

ron fowler ‏@ronfowler3500 a little birthday gift for @ScottyMcCreery (and his fans)...before AmericanIdol. Happy birthday brother! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezMlbCnewLI&sns=tw … via @youtube

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Scotty McCreery

By: Billy Dukes

Happy birthday to Scotty McCreery! The singer turns 19 years old today (Oct. 9), but he may not have time to celebrate between school, a busy touring schedule and the release of his new Christmas album. It's been another huge year for the Garner, N.C. resident. A platinum album, tours with Brad Paisley… How can year 20 get any better? How big of a Scotty McCreery fan are you? Did you know any or all 10 of these facts about the 'American Idol' winner? We're a little easier with grades than the professors at McCreery's N.C. State University, so if you know at least seven of these 10, go ahead and give yourself an A+. Also, feel free to wish McCreery a happy birthday at his Twitter of Facebook page

Click on the link below to read the 10 things you didn't know about Scotty

What was Scotty McCreery doing at Bojangles this morning?

Look what was on twitter today? Looks like Scotty is doing a commercial for Bojangles



Scotty McCreery at Cary Bojangles, makin a music video

Top 10 Scotty McCreery Moments

Top 10 Scotty McCreery Moments

American Idol 2012, Getty Images

Scotty McCreery took the nation by storm when he became the season 10 winner of "American Idol" in 2011. The North Carolina native, who turns 19 today (Oct. 9), has had plenty of memorable moments and career highlights since that epic night. In honor of Scotty's birthday, The Boot counts down 10 of the momentous events he's experienced since becoming an "Idol" champ.

10. The platinum certification of his debut album, Clear as Day. Less than five months after being crowned the "American Idol" winner, then-17-year-old Scotty released his first album, which sold 197,000 units the first week and went platinum (signaling sales totaling 1,000,000) only two months later. The teenager admitted it was a tedious task narrowing down songs for his first CD.

"The songs just had to be right," Scotty told The Boot. "There were some songs pitched my way that were trying to get on this album, but I wasn't really feeling them. I just told them, "I don't like it." I had to have a song I could believe in and not fake in the recording studio or on stage. I had to stick to my guns about it."

Getty Images

9. Being invited to participate in two holiday parades. Scotty learned early that along with his newfound fame came plenty of sacrifices, including spending holidays away from home. In 2011, he performed for both the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, along with several celebrities, including fellow "Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo Green, Justin Bieber and Christina Aguilera.

8. Enrolling in North Carolina State University. The former grocery store clerk was determined to have a back-up plan, which is why he decided to pursue a college degree. While a move to Music City may have seemed logical, Scotty said he had valid reasons for staying close to home.

"I have a lot of learning to do and I don't know if I'm ready to make the move from home yet, he told The Boot. "Give me a couple more years and I'll be more mature and I'll know more about the business. Maybe then I'll make the move to Nashville. I think for right now the best spot for me is home."

7. Watching his first two singles go gold. Fresh off his "Idol" win, Scotty's debut single, "I Love You This Big" hit the airwaves. The song, which he performed during his winning finale, was followed up by the Top 20 hit, "The Trouble With Girls." Both singles sold more than 500,000 copies, which he admitted was a bit overwhelming.

"Having the first single ['I Love You This Big'] go gold was crazy, but having the second single go gold and to see the response it is getting in our shows is incredible," he acknowledged. "I wish I could come up with better words than 'wild' and 'incredible,' because this is really special."

6. Releasing his first Christmas album. Scotty is getting ready to release his first holiday CD, Christmas With Scotty McCreery, on Oct. 16. "Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year," he explains. "We start listening to Christmas songs early in the McCreery household, so it felt right. I've always wanted to record a Christmas album since I've had my music career. As a family, we were all really excited about making a Christmas album. Now we can add my CD to the collection we listen to."

 Getty Images

5. Performing for the World Series. The sports fan undoubtedly had several "pinch me" moments when he was invited to perform for game one of the 2011 World Series. "It's an incredible opportunity," the high school baseball star told The Boot. "I'm a baseball nut. I have two loves: baseball and music. So to be able to sing and watch the game after ... It's the biggest day in baseball! Everybody dreams about going to that game, so to be able to sing at the game -- it's a moment I'll never forget."

4. Winning the Academy of Country Music award for Best New Artist. Scotty is already a familiar name at awards ceremonies. The singer has been nominated for several trophies, including multiple Teen Choice awards and two Billboard Music awards. But it was his ACM win for the fan-voted Top New Artist earlier this year that sealed his fate as a bona fide star.

"[The fans] never cease to amaze me," Scotty told CMT following his epic night. "They're wild on Twitter, and they're insane, man. They've been by my side since 'American Idol' and they keep on coming out. I appreciate them."

Getty Images for American Idol

3. Performing with Tim McGraw on the "American Idol" stage. As if making it to the finale wasn't enough, Scotty also had the privilege of performing with one of his own idols, Tim McGraw, during the unforgettable night. The two performed Tim's No. 1 hit, "Live Like You Were Dying." Apparently, they had so much fun, they decided to reunite earlier this year in Scotty's home state during the Brothers of the Sun tour, where they sang "I Like It, I Love It," to thunderous applause.

2. Performing on the Grand Ole Opry. It's the most-revered venue in country music, and left the new artist shaking in his cowboy boots. "I was more nervous than any time I took the 'Idol' stage," he told The Boot. "Country music is what I love, and that's such an icon in the country music world; all the greats have played there. Midway through my song -- I hope there's a video, because you can see me start just cheesin', because I'm thinking, "Am I really doing this?" It was a really cool moment."

1. Being invited to join Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality tour. It was quite possibly the most coveted tour on which to earn an opening slot and the country music superstar surprised Scotty with the invite during his previous tour's final stop, which happened in Scotty's home state.

"Brad is a great guy," Scotty noted. "He treats his opening acts well and treats the people who work for him well. I haven't been on any other tours, but I've heard horror stories about the headliners not talking to their opening acts and don't want anything to do with them ... they just brush off all their workers and it's all about them. But Brad, he's the total opposite."

Watch Scotty McCreery, "I Love You This Big" Video

A fan shares their memories of Scotty McCreery's "Secret" concert in Pennsylvania

 @redshoetapper or pap in chatzy room has been kind enough to share his memories with all of us here at Fans of Scotty.  I'm glad you were able to have this "once in a life-time experience". Thank you for taking the time to do this for us - I felt like I was right there in the room with you.  Donna

Recently I was fortunate enough to win two tickets to a private Scotty McCreery concert.  This “Secret” Scotty concert was hosted by Great Country Radio WGTY 107.7 FM in Gettysburg PA.  The concert was held Sunday October 7, 2012. Beginning with a reception and light fare at 11:30AM with Scotty performing at 12:30PM.  The audience was limited to 200 people and was held at the Historic Gettysburg Hotel's Grand Ballroom.  Scotty sang 10 songs in fifty minutes, and it goes without saying that, he killed each one. He is a great singer with a wonderful mellow voice. He has great stage presence for a young performer and the audience loved him. 

My journey to this Scotty event began on Monday September 17, when I heard that WGTY was hosting a private Scotty concert and they were giving 2 tickets to 100 lucky listeners.  All you had to do was listen for a snippet of Scotty singing each hour from 6 AM till Midnight; be the 7th caller to be the winner.  Sounds simple enough but reality was otherwise. I called hour after hour for days, a couple of times I was number 4 but mostly it was a busy signal.  Finally on Friday I had just left my senior center and was making my way home with my bride when I heard Scotty's snippet. Of course my cell phone was in my jacket and I had to fumble around for it; found it and hit the send key.  Much to my surprise I was caller 7. I'm glad I was stopped at a stop sign or I might have driven off the road. I'm usually not an overly exuberant guy but I was thrilled beyond words.  I could not believe it and the DJ had to reassure me that I had won. I got a lifetime dose of country music that week.  They sent me a letter with instructions on the time and place of the concert. The wanted to keep this information as confidential as possible.  I suppose for security and crowd control. Later that day my neighbor calls to tell me that her cleaning lady heard me on the radio!! Of course I had to tell my two daughters, who are over 4o, to share my excitement.  They were happy for me and said “Dad we only remember you liking John Wayne? What's up with Scotty?”  I said “right Scotty McCreery and John Wayne the standard by which all others are measured.”  :-)

Waiting two weeks for the concert seemed like a long time but finally Sunday October 7, 2012 arrived.  I had a fitful night sleeping kept waking up thinking it was time to go. Finally, dwn came I prepared for the big event. Trimmed my mustache and those pesky nose hairs. Scrubbed my arm pits with a vinegar treatment to prevent any excitement odor and got all slicked up like I was going to church. Promised the bride I would not do anything to embarrass her and we set off to Gettysburg. Although we were instructed to arrive no later than 11:30 AM, I always like to get to events early to reconnoiter the facilities. We arrived in Gettysburg at 9:30AM. The bride was good about it and held her comments. Of course we were not the first people there.  After we found the Grand Ballroom I was able to see how the program would be laid out.  The ballroom is a large rectangular room and they had erected a small stage in the middle.  And had 12 to 14 rows of banquet type chairs set up in front of the stage in two sections. There were more than enough seating for the 200 guests and I believe all of the seats offered a good view of the stage. We waited around talking with some of the other early birds and by 11Am the reception area was pretty crowed.  The radio station provided a vegetable platter but it was left mostly unmolested.  The hotel had a cash bar and I noticed a few folks got cokes and some other assorted adult beverages. But most of the people just waited patiently to get in to the ballroom and get the show on the road.  During this time I was able use the hotel's wifi and sent out a few tweets. I tweeted Scotty and asked if he could sing a song from his Christmas album.

The crowd was made up of both genders and a wide range of ages. Old ones like me, middle age, young adults and children. I'd say most of the folks we talked to were Scotty fans although some were double minded folk and liked other performers as well and some just won tickets and were there. I think they left as Scotty fans. It was a little hectic getting into the ballroom because there are always some folks that want to buck the line. The radio station checked my drivers license against the letter they sent to each winner. This took a little time but it prevented a mad rush into the ball room to get front row seats. We were among the first people into the room and we got two good seats in the last row with a clear view of the center stage.  My bride has lost the hearing in one ear so she is sensitive to loud music so we picked these seats.  Everything was going smoothly, we were seated we had the option to stand and had a commanding view of the entire room and the stage.

After all were seated,  Scott Donato WGTY's Program Director took the stage to introduce Scotty. He mentioned how they wanted to have Scotty earlier but due to scheduling it was not possible.  He had some nice positive things to say about Scotty, one of which was that Scotty was responsible for revitalizing American Idol. (I agree with that comment). 

Scotty's band came out Matt the guitar player the drummer and key board player. I don't recall all their names.  They have a sound man also.

At last Scotty came out (12:35pm) Scotty sang 10 songs and performed for 50 minutes. This venue was arranged in such a manner that we were all close to Scotty.  He was up front and personal. One could close their eyes and imagine that Scotty was in your living room.  Scotty came out and sat on his wooden stool for the entire program. He had on a reddish pink shirt that had a light plaid look. Between numbers he commented on various things like the weather being cold, being in Hershey with Brad on Saturday and of course the pretty young PA girls being special. They all loved that.  Scotty also mentioned that his mother Judy and sister Ashley were in the room with us. We all turned to look.  :-) One young lady had made a sign that she held up a few times.  The room layout did not lend itself to jumping up etc because there really was no room to do so and we were so close to Scotty you did not have to.  A lot of the folks new the words to his songs and you could see them singing along.  The crowd was courteous and well behaved.

Scotty began with Walk In The Country and continued on with You Make That Look Good, I Love You This Big, Write My number On Your hand, Do You Love Me, Dirty Dishes, Letters From Home, The Dance, The Trouble with Girls and he concluded with a rousing rendition of Water Tower Town.  Each number was followed by thunderous applause and after Water Tower Town We all gave him a standing ovation.  During WTT I was amazed how many people new the words and sang along especially the kids. It is an upbeat tune.  For lack of a more eloquent statement about the show “Scotty Killed it.”

The Historic Gettysburg Hotel is built on the site were Abe Lincoln worked on his speech and Gettysburg is noted for its “ghost” sightings. When Scotty was singing WTT I looked down a darkened hallway and imagined I saw old Abe doing the Texas Two step. Haha

At the conclusion we were all given a surprise treat; Scotty would be having a Meet and Greet for any and all of us.  IF anyone left I did not notice them leaving. The concert ended at 1:25 pm. We finished our meet and greet by 2:30  The location of the meet and greet was in a meeting room off of the ball room. We had to form a long line and snake around the outer walls.  Each person got a Autographed 8x10 picture of Scotty and Mike Scotty's tour wrangler/manager would take a picture of you with Scotty.  We all enjoyed that.  I was taken with how genuine and gracious Scotty, his mom Judy and sister Ashley were to his fans.  It takes a lot of patience to shake hands smile and be friendly to a large group like Scotty did.  I noticed that Scotty was especially courteous to the younger children.  It was during this time that we had the chance to chat a little with Mrs. Judy and Ashley.  They are troopers!  They have a way of putting one at ease.  If I had to shake that many hands I'd have called for hand sanitizer.  Also since we were near the end of the M&G line I noticed that more than a few of the Hotel staff wanted to meet Scotty and have a. picture with him.  I thought that was a nice tribute to Scotty and his popularity.

Scotty told me that He and his family were flying home after the event was over because I asked him where Big Loretta was parked I wanted a picture. I have no idea how his band transports their equipment. I assume they were heading to Nashville. I think that's where they are from

There were a lot of happy folks at this concert and especially the youngsters and at least one old man. Of course to be fair my bride enjoyed the day as well.

This was a once in a life time experience.  To be so close to Scotty as he performed is something that rarely happens and for me, unfortunately,  it is not likely to happen again anytime soon. If any of you that read this get a chance to attend an event such as this DO NOT pass it up

I often wonder why a 71 year old grandfather to 6 would be so taken with a 19 year old country singer. My family teases me, my daughters say Oh! dad thinks of Scotty as the son he never had. I don't know what the reason is.  He is a great singer and a wonderful person. However it is what it is I'm a die hard McCreerian and that's that.

My one regret is that the pictures I took did not turn out so good.  If I can get them in shape I'll post some.

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Happy Birthday Scotty McCreery

All of us here at Fans of Scotty want to wish you a

Happy Birthday Scotty