Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tweeted pictures of Scotty McCreery's performance tonight

during the final Alcohol last night.

and singing Celebrity tonight.

SO FLA Country Music ‏@sflcountrymusic Scotty McCreery!

Scotty McCreery & Brad Paisley help out a friend

Found this video when I was browsing on YouTube looking for concert videos

Trey Hill Crest High 2002 Reunion Video

Trey can't make it to the 2002 class reunion... So, he gets his friends Brad Paisley and Scotty McCreery to help him out!!

Scotty McCreery at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena

 Credit goes to: Fran Ruchalski (PhotoGuyofAI) for the following pictures

 Click on the link below to see more pictures of Scotty from the Jacksonville Memorial Arena Show!p=1&n=20

Looking for a ticket to Scotty McCreery's Nov. 9th concert?

Posting this again in case someone missed it

A fan has contacted me to say they have an extra ticket for Scotty's solo show on November 9th in Pullman, WA.  If any one is interested in purchasing this ticket, please send an e-mail to or to

The ticket is on the floor, Section 3, row 5 seat 23. Price $50

103.5 pictures of Scotty McCreery's performance last night

Click on the link below to see more pictures of Scotty from last nights performance

Video of Scotty McCreery

  Wanted to add this here as well - Mike tweeted this after the concert last night - can't wait to see the pictures!!!   photo.gif

Will take more pics tomorrow so I can share with my IDF and FOS friends.

I am not sure when this video was recorded -I'm thinking it was from the 9-27  Jacksonville, FL concert but  don't hold me to that! LOL - It is not a close up - but the audio is amazing!!

ILYTB - Credit to: lindseybegue

Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley, TBP will be performing at Cruzan Amphitheatre tonight

Cruzan Amphitheatre

Cruzan Amphitheatre is the music venue in West Palm Beach, Florida if you want to attend a music concert or any other high class performances.

 This open air music venue can seat 19,000 people and it is a modern amphitheatre owned by South Florida Fairgrounds.

The views at the amphitheatre during the day and night are amazing as you get to see magnificent views of West Palm Beach.

Cruzan Amphitheatre boasts an impressive amphitheatre design that can seat over 19,000 people in total which includes the lawn area.
The amphitheatre building offers thousands of seats for people who want to enjoy the event from a comfy seat within the amphitheatre. Lawn tickets are also very popular for those want enjoy a more sociable side to the event.

cruzan amphitheatre seating chart