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Videos of Scotty McCreery's performance at Frederick, MD

 EDIT:  When I first posted these last night the 2 links were they set as private but @Destinev4Scotty made them public, so you should now be able to view the 2 videos. Donna

Credit goes to: @Destined4Scotty for all the following videos! Thank you so much for sharing your videos with all of us here at Fansofscotty.

  Scotty McCreery Concert Opening Frederick, MD Scotty's SoundCheck In Frederick, MD -
Click on the link to view the video

Scotty Signing After Concert in MD Click on the link below to see the video

 Scotty McCreery Man of Constant Sorry & Better Than That

Scotty McCreery @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre-Sept 14,2012

Scotty is talking to the crowd & then sings TTWG - very nice video Credit to: BobbysBest2011

Information on Scotty McCreery's Grand Ole Opry appearance in December

 I seen on the the Grand Ole Opry's page that Scotty was scheduled for both December 7th & December 8th for shows So, I  just called them to confirm what date he would actually be there. You can call them and ask to have your ticket changed to the December 7th date - the agent said they allow you to do this 1 time! Here is the number that you need to call:

   615 871-OPRY (871-6779)

The agent I spoke to said that Scotty is scheduled to appear at

The Ryman Auditorium Fri., 12/07/2012 7:00 p.m.

Even though their website shows Scotty is scheduled for December 7th & 8th the agent said Scotty will not be appearing on Saturday, Dec. 8 -- either 7:00 or 9:30 pm.

Ticket for Scotty McCreery's solo concert Nov. 9th

A fan has contacted me to say they have an extra ticket for Scotty's solo show on November 9th in Pullman, WA.  If any one is interested in purchasing this ticket, please send an e-mail to or to

The ticket is on the floor, Section 3, row 5 seat 23. Price $50

Scotty McCreery singing GONE at Great Frederick Fair, Frederick MD

Credit to: melissa lupus ‏@melissalupus

Scotty McCreery sings 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' at DBAP

Scotty McCreery performs "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park during the Triple-A National Championship Game.

Scotty McCreery - Celebrate My Drive Photos

 Sorry - this is a late posting - but wanted to get it on here anyway :)
Click on the link below to see pictures of Scotty from his Celebrate My Drive Live interview.

Scotty McCreery has the fans screaming in Frederick

'American Idol' winner makes Frederick scream
Originally published September 22, 2012

Scotty McCreery was in the house Friday night at The Great Frederick Fair. The screams of teenage girls, homemade signs that read "We Love You Scotty!" and a baritone voice deeper than your typical 18-year-old male college freshman confirmed it.

Before the "American Idol" winner took the stage, his fans were taking photos in front of the stage, chattering and waiting in line to buy T-shirts and photos and to go backstage for a meet-and-greet.

Jessica Hoops, 17, of Manchester, was first in line outside the grandstand, waiting for the doors to open. She won a pair of track seat tickets to the show from radio station WFRE and brought her best friend, Alexandra Smith, 17, of Manchester. The two met in Spanish class at Manchester Valley High School and learned they were both big McCreery fans, Alexandra said.  "She's a really big fan," Alexandra said of Jessica.  "I do love his eyes," Jessica said. She was wearing a McCreery tour shirt she bought when he played a show in Baltimore with Brad Paisley. On her bedroom walls, she said, are two McCreery posters. When McCreery was an "Idol" contestant, she voted for him "over and over."  "As soon as I saw his audition, I melted," Jessica said. Her favorite McCreery song is "You Make That Look Good."

Carly Wood, 13, and her mother, Michelle Wood, of Friendship, said they were "kind of even" when asked who's the bigger McCreery fan.  Carly said she was hooked the first time she heard him sing during the auditions on "Idol."--  "I like his deep voice, his humbleness and niceness," Carly said. "His blue eyes are so pretty, and I like the cross (necklace) he wears."  Her mom said she thinks McCreery is a good role model for kids his age. Carly and her mom traveled to McCreery's hometown of Garner, N.C., to watch him play his last high school baseball game. Carly made a poster and McCreery autographed it after the game. She made two more posters for the concert. One read "Forever (heart) 8." Eight was McCreery's uniform number.

Wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, boots and his signature cross necklace, McCreery opened his set with "Walk in the Country," from his debut album. Videos and images flashed on the screen behind him throughout the set, including the videos he's made for the singles released from the album.

McCreery played the acoustic guitar for the second song, "You Make That Look Good."  "How y'all doin' tonight in Maryland?" he asked.  Hundreds of girls screamed in reply.  That would continue throughout the concert. Screams, screams and screams.  wub.gif

The 15-song set included other songs from his album, "I Love You This Big," "Write My Number on Your Hand" and "King James Bible."  "I want to include one faith-based song on my albums," McCreery said of the Bible song. "I wouldn't be here without my faith."

He also did covers of George Strait, John Michael Montgomery, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt and Elvis Presley, noting that when he was a boy he was the weird one listening to Elvis songs when everyone else was listening to the Backstreet Boys.  McCreery also sang a little bluegrass with "Man of Constant Sorrow."--  "One of the reasons I love to come to Maryland is ... the girls. Y'all are special here," he said before singing one of his hits, "The Trouble With Girls."

Ater leaving the stage at the end of the set, McCreery and his band returned for an encore, a rousing rendition of the Montgomery Gentry hit "Gone."

Scotty McCreery was pumped after hearing Keith Urban will be an AI Judge

Scotty McCreery Lauds Choice Of Keith Urban As “American Idol” Judge
Singer Says It’s “About Time” There’s A Country Panelist
By Phyllis Stark

With Keith Urban official named as a judge for season 12 of FOX’s “American Idol,” season 10 winner Scotty McCreery says it’s “about time” the show got a judge from the world of country music.

McCreery tells MSN Music’s One Country he was “pumped” after hearing Urban had been chosen. “Country music has done so well on the show over the years, starting with Carrie [Underwood] and all them, so it’s good for country music, good for Keith, and I’m over the moon about it,” he says. “It’ll be fun to watch his perspective from a viewer’s standpoint.”

As for what kind of a judge he thinks Urban will end up being, McCreery says, “I can’t see him being mean. I could see him being real.”

He also thinks having a country judge should help that genre of music be better represented on the show. As for his own experience signing country on “Idol,” McCreery says, “I felt like not all the time they really understood. I remember I tried to sing Travis Tritt one week, and I did, but I had to kind of fight for it because nobody really understood where I wanted to go with it.”

Urban is already on the road judging “Idol” contestants around the country, and viewers will get their first glimpse of him at work when the show debuts in January 2013. He joins fellow judges Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

McCreery thinks Minaj will be interesting to watch. “Oh lord, she’s different,” he tells One Country. “I don’t know her music that well or anything about her, but from the pictures I’ve seen she is very flashy, so she’ll be good for the TV.”

Scotty McCreery helped Homes for Our Troops this summer

 Homes for Our Troops ‏@HomesForOurTrps

Check out how @ScottyMcCreery helped Homes for Our Troops this summer!

 Click on the link below & it will take you to their newsletter webpage, then you click on the Summer 2012 link beside the article with Scotty's picture on the front. Then put your mouse on the pictures and click the pages will automatically change & Scotty's story is on the 4th page.

Tweets about Scotty McCreery

For all the fans wondering how the pre-sales were going on Scotty's Christmas CD, this is what Mike tweeted to a fan last night.
Mike McCreery‏@MikeMGarner
“@SportyforScotty: How’s Scotty doing on signing those CD’s? Plenty left to do! Good news is CWSM had more than double the preorders as CAD!

The picture below was posted on The Great Frederick Fair's facebook page

Trying to get a Scotty McCreery glimpse after this evening's concert at the 150th GREAT Frederick Fair!

Pumped about the show tonight in Frederick, MD! Yall come on out. Were adding something pretty big to the show tonight!

Take a close look at the picture that was tweeted from last nights concert & you will see what Scotty was referring to in his tweet.  Looks like our favorite NC singer has added some video background to his solo concert!!!!