Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sick Brookline Teen Meets her Idol: Scotty McCreery

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NEWFANE, Vt. - A Brookline teen's dream came true this weekend when she got to meet her American Idol.

When Lexy Giallella's friends contacted the Vermont State Fair for a favor, she wasn't sure if she should believe them. "I was really shocked and excited," Giallella said.
That's because her friends had a surprise sure to hit all the right notes. Fourteen year old Lexy was going to meet her dream man -- headline fair performer and American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery.
"And then we went back stage and I got to go in the front of the line so I got to butt everyone which was amazing. I felt like a movie star," she said.

And when crowd surfers jumped in front of Lexy's front row seat -- blocking her view -- fair officials gave her an even better spot, up close and personal with her big crush.
"Then they took me onto the stage and like I was just standing there the whole concert. I was like speechless but I was like singing and stuff and it was a really good experience," she said.

As family and friends gathered at the Newfane Firehouse for a send off, Lexy has an even bigger experience on Monday morning. She's having surgery to remove tumors on her liver and lungs.

"Tomorrow is our day from hell," said Lexy's mom, Charity Clark.

"There's a less than one percent chance that it's not cancer. We're hoping for a miracle, but we don't know for a fact," Lexy said.

Just last week Lexy was an apparently healthy 14 year old girl, worried about hunting season and starting school. A simple pain in her stomach last Saturday changed everything.

"You go through every single emotion that you can ever go through," said her mom. "But today we are positive and we're going to beat it."
Lexy's mom says doctors are hopeful they'll be able to remove all of her tumors in a long day of surgery on Monday, but depending on the results, she will need to undergo chemotherapy in the coming months.

"My biggest fear is losing my hair. I don't want to lose my hair at all, but I don't know. And chemo doesn't make you want to eat and I love eating," Lexy said.

But her mom is just glad her teen got a one night reprieve from the reminder that in the span of a week, her life was turned upside down. "And Scotty McCcreery, you know, that's her man, so he boosted her last night, she said.

And as a final boost, Lexy sends balloons covered in well wishes off to the heavens in hopes of some help in the long road to recovery.

Scotty McCreery to perform at Harrah's Cherokee Casing & Hotel

Found this posted on Idol Forum & thought I'd post it here for other fans to see.

 Hello Scotty fan's. Some more lucky people are going to have the chance to see Scotty in December.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel in North Carolina

Hosting top-tier talent across all genres, including Country

3,000-plus seat event Center
four VIP suites.
box seating and more than 1,100 balcony seats.

Scotty McCreery Sat. December 15, 2012 7:30pm w00t.gif

Harrah's Cherokee
777 Casino Drive
Cherokee, NC 28719

Pre-sale will be September 18th

 Ticketmaster will sell the tickets starting on Sept 21. Price range is $30-50. Venue is for age 21 and up. I think it holds 3000 people. Found this on ticketmaster site by searching Cherokee casino, Dec. 15, 2012, McCreery. The site for the Cherokee Casino did not yet have him listed.

Cody Alan gives Scotty McCreery what every college student needs

 I was not able to copy & paste the picture nor save it & post it so you'll have to click on the link below to see the picture