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Scotty McCreery's performance at Canfield, OH

The person who recorded these videos has disabled all the embedded codes so I am posting the link to her channel and you should be able to see all the videos that way. Credit goes to maryssarule's for all these videos

A fans review of Scotty McCreery's Canfield, OH concert

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us here at Fans of Scotty - makes us feel like we were right there with you! 
As I'm driving with my friend Mark who I got him to love Scotty as much I do are driving to the Canfield fair as usual I have butterflies in my stomach because I know I'm about to see my prince of country music none other then Scotty Mccreery . this will be my 5th time one with brad but it doesn't matter its always more more exciting everytime . my friend her daughter and husband and me and my friend Mark . My friends Daughter is 14 it was her birthday. She and I was so excited and pumped . We arrived at the fair a few hours early . Scottys music was being played on the loud speakers everywhere which just intensified my anxiety . We entered the grandstand and I noticed there were just as many fans of Scotty then Martina Scotty shirts everywhere young and old. Teen age girls with signs asking Scotty for hugs and kisses marriage proposals and a middle age Women sign asking to adopt Scotty. Scotty enters the stage singing walk in the country he was on fire and the screams erupted .this is when as usual the tears flow . When we first got there the local radio station had a drawing for a meet and greet in Scottys bus. I didn't win but the young girl who did when they called her name she screamed then broke into tears very sweet. I was happy for her. Back to the concert . when Scotty sang letters from home people were crying all around me . my friend he stood up and applauded with tears streaming down his face Scotty must if touched him some way with his beautiful voice .many fans stood up . Scotty has fans of all ages. The last 3 songs Scottys rocking out to trouble water tower town and gone . 3 teens rushed the stage so security just leg who ever I made a comment I wish I was a teen and the people around me said you go up there girl so I did I was so close I could touch him if I wanted his fans were very respectfull some young girls crying at the site of him knowing how close they we're me included . You should have seen Scottys face he just lit up and it fuled his passion of music even more so he become more intense and he just layed it out on that stage gave it all he had simply amazing . The last song was gone and we went crazy I was sweating and exhausted but I didn't care . At one point Scotty looked down and I looked him right in those big blue eyes and it took my breath away . He is beautiful. He killed it my favorite concert ever I will remember it my while life it was funny I look to my right and there we're two ladies around 70 years old up there with me it wasn't just young girls boyfriends putting girlfriends on their shoulders some getting shorter girls phones and cameras so they can take pictures of Scotty because they we're tall enough . Scottya fans are so respectful. The people in the first 4 rows I guess we're mad because they couldn't see so they let them up when Martina sang. She was ok but Scotty shined . By the way he wasn't her opening act he played over an hour and the fair coordinator was said to of made the quote they Scotty was a headliner and a big draw to To the fair . They it was one of the best concerts they have had . Martina came out and the mood was more subdued . If any of you have any dought about Scottys energy on stage don't because he us always on fire. The whole way home I was on cloud nine . I am a fan for life no one will ever take his place. Thank you all for letting me tell you how my concert went. sorry about The spelling and punctuation.

Scotty McCreery's State Farm Video Celebrate My Drive™ -- School Grants!

Credit to: State Farm

On September 15, 2012, State Farm® is hosting Celebrate My Drive™ events across the U.S. and Canada, creating one special day for communities to rally around new drivers as they explore the road ahead. Learning to drive is a big first step in life's journey. State Farm and Scotty McCreery are proud to stand with this year's new teen drivers, making sure they stay safe as they celebrate this significant milestone. Could your school use a $100,000 grant? We're giving away $100,000 grants to 14 lucky schools. Learn more about Celebrate My Drive and how your school could win by visiting and be sure to tune in on September 15 at 12pm Eastern for a live broadcast featuring Scotty McCreery.

Scotty McCreery's Christmas album due Oct. 16

 Nothing new here but hey it's Scotty & it's about his Christmas album - so I couldn't not post it.

Christmas With Scotty McCreery, the first holiday album from American Idol's 10th-season winner, will hit retail outlets Oct. 16. The album will include Scotty's versions of such Christmas favorites as Santa Claus Is Back in Town, Holly Jolly Christmas and The First Noel.

The album also includes such standards as Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, The Christmas Song and O Holy Night -- a song Scotty once performed in a fifth-grade Christmas play. Also on the album: A new song called Christmas Is Coming Around, Christmas in Heaven and Mary, Did You Know?

Fans who pre-order the album through Scotty's website by Wednesday also will receive a CD booklet signed by Scotty and be entered to win a trip to see the singer on his 2013 tour. Also, 100 randomly selected fans will receive a personal phone call from Scotty.

Hollywood Nation: Scotty McCreery's Christmas spirit

Hollywood Nation: Scotty McCreery's Christmas spirit

You can now order Scotty McCreery's Christmas CD from

Christmas with Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery Audio CD
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Scotty McCreery & Martina McBride Celebrate Labor Day at Canfield Fair

On Monday September 3rd, Scotty McCreery and Martina McBride brought Canfield Fair a night that fans are going to remember

What a better way to end Labor Day weekend especially the men and women that are over seas fighting for our freedom. With a crowd nearly 15,000 people, the concert started at 8:00 pm and ended at 11:00 pm.

As the Opening act Scotty came out and kicked the night off with some of his hit songs that included “Love You This Big”, “Trouble with Girls” and “Water Tower Town”. He ended up singing a total of 15 songs. One of the songs toward the end of his set was “The Dance” which is a Garth Brooks Song. I have heard that song many other times by different artists, but Scotty did a great rendition of that song. As for the atmosphere of his performance, all I can say is HOLY COW!  original.gif

With being called “Celion Dion of country music” Martina McBride looked Fabulous like she always does performing on stage. For being in the music industry for the past 20 years, she made it look like she has been doing this well more then 20 years. Martina definitely came out and did what she always does; Puts on a great show, great music and a great time!  With songs like “This ones for the Girls”, “Teenage Daughters” and “Watcha gunna Do", it sealed the night!

With songs like those, who could ask for a better night then these two performers on one stage together? For ticket prices that went for no more then $60.00 for front row seats, it couldn’t get any better! Between the lights, fog machines, talking with the crowd and getting them involved, they both did a fantastic job! 

Gifting Scotty McCreery's Christmas CD

With the new release of Scotty's Christmas CD, we here at Fans Of Scotty would like to help those less fortunate to afford Scotty's new CD.  We would love to be able to gift the album to those that can't afford it, but obviously that would be difficult to do alone.

Send your email to  or tweet us at @FansOfScotty or Donna at @dkm0925 or Tarah at @tarahelise and indicate whether you would like to give or receive.  We cannot predict how many people will want to give, or receive, but we'll do our best. 

Thank you for your continued support of Scotty McCreery and visiting fanosofscotty!


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Scotty McCreery’s New Christmas Album Will Jingle His Family’s Bells

Scotty McCreery’s New Christmas Album Will Jingle His Family’s Bells

“It’ll definitely be really cool this year listening to our CD,” he says. “It’ll be fun having my own little Christmas songs.”

Scotty McCreery is putting out a Christmas album, and it's gonna be a present for his family, who starts listening to carols earlier than most families.
"So, it'll definitely be really cool this year listening to our CD and hearing our tunes and stuff," he tells reporters. "It'll be fun having my own little Christmas songs.
"I always sang the Christmas songs, you know, acoustically and stuff. But to have the recordings and kind of have them just how we had them in our head, it'll be nice," he added.
"I'm sure Mama will be pumping the CD pretty loudly every day until Christmas."
The album goes on sale Oct. 16, but you can pre-order Christmas With Scotty McCreery today on Scotty’s website.
The album includes "Holly Jolly Christmas," "O Holy Night," "Mary, Did You Know," two originals and even an Elvis Presley cover.

Videos of Scotty McCreery's concert at the Canfield, OH fair

Credit to: joejonasisbest
Credit for all the videos below goes to: JSzep09 Walkin in the Country - the embedded code has been disabled but you should be able to post the link in your browser and open it up to view