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Scotty McCreery, Mike & Ashley are enjoying some packfootball

Reporter Meets Scotty McCreery on his way to watch NC State play some football

Reporter Notebook: Meeting Scotty McCreery

Posted: Aug 31, 2012 5:16 PM EDT Updated: Aug 31, 2012 5:28 PM EDT

What a nice kid! I can say that since I'm twice as old as he is. I'm talking about Scottie McCreery.
Scotty is a freshman at North Carolina State University, but you probably know him as the winner of season 10 of the American Idol.

He has also recorded the platinum album "Clear As Day," featuring the hit songs "I Love You This Big," and "The Trouble With Girls."

And today when I encountered him, he was just a young man traveling with his family to watch the Wolfpack play football this weekend.

I was doing a story on gas prices, and for the story I went to the rest area off I-85 in Concord. My idea was to interview drivers and ask them where they had last filled up and how much they paid per gallon. Drivers from Virginia said they paid around $3.60, those from eastern North Carolina were up to $3.75 or so.

I had talked to about a dozen drivers and passengers from all over the place and I was just about ready to leave. Then I saw a car with two NC State flags pull in a the lower end of the driveway. I decided to run and talk to one more driver.

I saw a very tall man and his wife starting to get out of the car, and I noticed what appeared to be a young man and a young girl in the back. Both were busy on their phones.
The man had a somewhat puzzled look as I approached, but when I told him who I was and what I was doing, he started smiling, and agreed to a short interview. I asked him about gas prices. He told me he and his family were on the way to Atlanta for the game, and that it had cost him about $50 to fill up his rented Toyota.

When I was finished we made a little friendly small talk and I wished them safe travel. But then the man's wife said something unusual. "You don't know who we are, do you?" I looked at them both, glanced in the car, and innocently asked if they were from my hometown of Salisbury. They laughed and said no. Then she said "We're the McCreery's." I tried to think of everyone I know named McCreery, and I couldn't come up with a single one.   "Scotty, Scotty McCreery."

"Oh yeah!" I blurted. Now it all made sense. Scotty was still on the phone, actually doing a live radio interview. I talked with his mom for a while about a number of things, including their trip, their church life in Garner, NC, and all the upcoming concerts and appearances.

I also asked her if she thought he would mind popping out of the car for a quick interview. She thought it would be fun, and as soon as he finished the radio interview, Scotty jumped out of the backseat and stuck out his hand to say hello.

He was wearing a red, NC State visor, and had a large cross on a chain around his neck. We talked for just a few minutes; I knew his family wanted to get going. Scotty was unfailingly polite and genial.
"Yeah, you just kind of walked up and I was in the car," MCCreery. He said he was excited about going to the game with his family, and wasn't too concerned about the gas prices.  "Yeah this is a family trip so I'm not having to fork out the money for the road trip for the gas. It'll be good, it's worth it."  And with that I thanked him, he climbed back in the car and the McCreery's wee on their way.  For me it was a chance encounter, but one that left a good impression of a very nice and talented young man. Best of luck to you Scotty!

Scotty McCreery - Musical Smartypants

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Scotty McCreery: North Carolina State University, Class of 2016

Scotty did not let "American Idol" curb his education. A high school junior during his winning run on the show, the North Carolina native kept his grades up -- and his spot on the varsity baseball team. A few months in to his skyrocketing country career, he graduated from Garner Magnet High School (a mere hours after winning a CMT Award!). Just a few days after his debut album, Clear as Day, was certified platinum, Scotty was accepted to North Carolina State University. "At 18 years old, I have a lot of learning to do and I don't know if I'm ready to make the move from home yet," he tells The Boot of his decision to stay in his home state for college. "Give me a couple more years and I'll be more mature and I'll know more about the business."

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Fans of Scotty

Good Morning - I hope everyone has had a great week :)

I just wanted to post something this morning so everyone knows again where this site stands on posting personal things about Scotty and his family.

It has come to my attention this morning that some personal information of Scotty's is "floating" around on tumbler and was at one time on twitter.  If you have seen this information or know anything about it PLEASE DO NOT POST IT IN THE COMMENTS or anywhere on this site as it will be deleted.

We will, as always, continue to respect Scotty and his family's privacy.  If Scotty didn't give permission or did not post  his "personal" information himself, on tumbler or twitter, then it will not be posted on this site!!!

On a more upbeat note - McCreerian's are trying to get I Love You This Big to Platinum by October for Scotty's birthday - if you can help out that'd be great, if you can't, everyone understands.

Thanks again for supporting Scotty and visiting our site!  McCreerian's Rock!

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Scotty McCreery and family are headed to the game