Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brad Paisley makes sure Scotty doesn't fall off the stage tonight

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery @BradPaisley wanted me to be extra catious tonight! Thanks Brad!
just jammed at Darien Lake and didn't knock over any of the orange cones the camp set up on the ramp. 

Added these other tweets here so I wouldn't have to do another post! Donna

With a young fan at the Darien Lake NY show!

: Hangin' with Scotty McCreery ” good to see you again man!

always a pleasure. Good luck in school!!



Video of Scotty McCreery falling for his fans in Bethel

Credit to: gimpy3388

tweets from Darien Lakes

Ashley McCreery ‏@ashleymccreery2 Rollercoaster time!!!!
Judy Cooke McCreery ‏@JudyMacGarner "Darien Lakes"

Virtual Reality Tour will be at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center tonight

Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Darien Lake Performing Arts Center Information

Brad Paisley with The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery

Ticket Prices:
$29.50 - $64.50
Include park admission for $14.99 plus tax!


The information below was found on Wikipedia

Performing Arts Center

The Darien Lake Performing Arts Center was opened in the 90's as a replacement for the Lakeside Amphitheater, where concerts had previously been held. The PAC, as it is commonly referred to, while owned by CNL with the rest of the park, is operated by Live Nation, not by the park itself. Major concerts are held here periodically throughout the summer, occasionally including a concert that takes place when the park is not open. Tickets for these events can be upgraded to Park Combo Passes, or just bought as standard concert tickets with no park admission. The amphitheater has a full capacity of 21,600, making the venue the third-largest event venue in western New York (only University at Buffalo Stadium and Ralph Wilson Stadium seat more).

Videos of Scotty McCreery's performance at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Check Yes Or No (just a short clip) Credit to: Kelsey Stuart

Dirty Dishes Credit to: Kelsey Stuart

I Love You This Big (part 1) Credit to Kelsey Stuart

I Love You This Big (part 2) Credit to Kelsey Stuart

Write My Number On Your Hand Credit to: allisonsmcidol