Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scotty McCreery is celebrating Christmas in July

I seriously do not even know where to begin - 117 Comments on one post??? It has been said many times again on this site we will not tolerate negative comments or fighting in the comments with each other!!! It hasn't even been 24 hrs since one of us have checked the site and this is what happens.

Obviously, some of you did not read Tarah's article very well and did not listen when I've said that the McCreery family is very aware of this site & that should be all the more reason for someone to want to post positive things and not negative things.

Just for the record - we are not "censoring" this site to keep people from having an opinion - we are "monitoring" this site to be sure it stays positive! Just like it's been posted before - this site was not created by Hailey to be in competition with other Scotty fansites to see who has the most followers or the most people posting on it - it was created so Scotty's fans would have a place to go to get the latest news about Scotty, watch his videos and chat with other Scotty fans! If that is not what you come to this site for - then maybe you should find a site that will allow you to fight and argue and bash people - because it's not going to happen on this site! This post isn't for all the fans that post on here - but you know if it's meant for you! Donna :)

well its still 90 some degrees outside, but its Christmas in July here in the studio…..