Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Write a letter to Scotty

Hi all you fans of Scotty :)

I am attending Scotty's California State Fair show this Saturday and through the official fan club, I will be able to meet Scotty before the show. I had an idea and am hoping some of you can help me out with it. 

I hoping to be able to give Scotty a binder full of letters from his fans here. If you want to participate, please email me your letters by Thursday (7/19) 12 at night PST. I will print the letters I receive and add them to the binder. I'm also going to print all of our graduation and birthday wishes from here on the site to add in. We're not sure if Scotty ever saw those and want to make sure he does! Also, if you want to write something to Mr or Mrs McCreery or Ashley you can email me those too and I will add a section to the binder for letters to the family. 

Your letters can be as long as you want. Please format (font color, font type, pictures, etc.) it as you would like it to look. If you are unfamiliar with formatting, just let me know in the email and I can do that for you. 

Email: tarah.fansofscotty@gmail.com 

Thanks! I will definitely post my pictures and review and M&G experience sometime next week :) Hope you guys like this idea!


ps: If you have questions, ask away in the comments. 

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America fell in love with Scotty in 2011 when he appeared on American Idol and immediately made a name for himself with his deep and undeniably country voice, strong sense of self, small-town roots, and unwavering integrity and conviction. In May, he won Season Ten of American Idol when a record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale and nearly 39 million people tuned in to see the winner's name announced.
Clear As Day is the perfect title for Scotty McCreery's debut country album because this impressive collection of songs clearly and vividly captures who Scotty is as an artist and a young man.

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