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Scotty McCreery's fan from CT recaps his Morristown, NJ Concert

I wanted to post this as a separate post in case someone may have missed seeing it in the comment section.  Thank you so much for sharing your memories and experience with all of us here at Fansofscotty! Donna

Morristown Concerty by Big Fan from CT
Hi ya’ll
I just got home from my trip to see Scotty last night at his Morristown, NJ concert. Wow!!! What can I say, he has so much energy!! Oh my goodness the pace was incredible. He kept the crowd so engaged you were afraid to take your eyes off of him. He put it all out there! You could feel the electricity and excitement when he came out onto the stage which continued throughout the entire concert! I don't know how long he played, but we were so mesmerized by him that it seemed like only minutes - the time flew by. I would need to hear him sing each song 2 to 3 times to take it all in. Scotty is definitely a great singer and performer. He makes a statement! The show suited his age, energy, and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see him again at BP’s show on 8/10I can see why he is already selling out 5000 seat venues because he is putting so much effort into each performance like Brad, Tim, Kenny, and Luke Bryan. He was pumped the entire show and made the fast numbers even more electric, but he did slow it down to sing a heartfelt Dirty Dishes, Letters from Home and The Dance. The only song off his album he did not sing was Clear as Day. I love that song, but can understand why he wouldn’t play it at some of his shows. He does such a wonderful job especially for an 18 year old. I know that it was his 3rd show in 3 days in different towns, but you would never know it on stage. He seemed so happy and enthusiastic to be there. He did change some songs up just a little bit. As any performer, I think he has the songs down and then changes them slightly here or there as he’s out there like in Gone, TWG and ILYTB to keep it fresh and to go with how he is feeling, the stage, and crowd that night. He feels his music and communicates it to the audience very, very well. He definitely has “it”. Even if you weren’t an adoring fan (like me), you wouldn’t be able to deny the tremendous effort he puts in to his show!

He also spoke to the audience in different spots. He was very nice and sincere. I love his deep speaking voice. He said how much he appreciated his family and that his mom was there with him which everyone clapped and cheered for Judy (didn’t see her, but she was there). You could tell he really meant it. My husband thought it was wonderful for him to say it especially for the young ones in the audience to hear him say how much he loved and respected and appreciated his parents, family, friends, the USA, and the troops that defend our country. He also thanked us for coming and supporting him from idol to now and knowing that the economy has been tough that he appreciated us spending our hard earned money to see him. The crowd really lit up even more when he said these things. You could really hear the men cheering and clapping in support of the things he said just as loud as the women. We were all on our feet most of the night so it was a very enthusiastic audience. I didn’t ask any of the ushers (and should have), but I would venture to say it was one of the livelier and supportive audiences they have had there.

 I would like to step back a second and tell you about the crowd. He has the most wonderful fans of all ages. I was very excited to be there as were many others to support him. I saw him on the Idol tour, but had not gotten a chance to see him live since last August and was thrilled to finally see him do his very OWN show! I know most in the crowd felt the same way I did. The excitement and anticipation was palpable.

As I looked around the theater before the opening act came out, I was not surprised to see all the seats full anxiously waiting for him. Being that this is a more formal theater, I thought it would bring out some of his older fans and it did. He had a lot of older and younger Grandmoms and Granddads. Some who came out despite it being physically challenging for them. It was very touching to see because I know that it definitely wasn't easy for them. In addition, he had lots of married couples on a date night, Moms and Dads with their young children (cute little girls with pig tails and cowgirl hats and little boys cleaned up for the show) and lots older children and preteens. He also had many groups of very pretty high school girls dressed in sun dresses and boots or plaid shirts, boots, straw cowboy hats, and daisy dukes. I also saw an entire row of one family including Grandmom, Granddad, Mom, Dad, and their preteens to young children. It was wonderful to see the multigenerational family interact together. I was also pleased to see some high school guys and 20ish year old guys with their dates there as well. It is wonderful to see such a mix of age groups. In fact, my husband went to the men’s room and there was an 11 or 12 year old boy who was a little nervous because he just lost a baby tooth. He didn’t want to miss Scotty and didn’t know when the bleeding would stop. My husband folded a few pieces of paper pieces for him and told him to hold them on the area and the bleeding should stop soon and he could go back out to his seat. He said the boy was so relieved because he didn’t want to miss the show. Needless to say, we were all looking forward to seeing Scotty. You could feel it in the air!

After the quieter acoustic performance by the opening act, Scotty’s band took the stage and immediately started playing Walk in the Country. When Scotty came out singing, the crowd went crazy!! We were all on our feet! I was sitting in the middle section of the theater a little more than 1/2 way back and you had to stand to see him on stage even though the theater rises as it goes back. After Walk in the Country, I think he did YMTLG and the crowd was still on their feet. He had many large groups of older high school girls in the audience scattered around who did not sit the entire show. They were enthralled with Scotty. As you can see by an earlier post, the venue is a more formal theater (not an outdoor show or coliseum type venue) where you would normally stand a few times maybe, but then sit, but they were up the entire show. They did not take their eyes off of him. I was fine with it because I have been to many concerts and normally you end up standing. I was very concerned with the older age group who can’t stand very easily or for very long who would think at this kind of venue and rightful so that it should be mainly sitting, but the ushers didn’t seem to mind and I didn’t see anyone complain about it as I very briefly looked around. I was also concerned about my 10 year old son, who is tall for his age, but couldn’t see Scotty in our original seats. We were sitting just behind and to the side of the sound mix area which was in the center of the theater with the open seats behind it (I guess they choose not to sell them) which was lucky for us because we moved over a few seats and was able to see most of the show seated and when we stood because the rest of the audience stood to clap and dance a little, my son could see Scotty. I saw many who did not have that option and just stood or were forced to sit in their seats and listen to him.
The high school girls were very excited and completely enthralled with him and definitely adore him. It was very cute! 

My husband and 10 year old son enjoyed the show, too. My husband liked Scotty when he sang Letters from Home, TROUBLE, That's Alright Mama, Gone, YMTLG, and OKJ. He was very impressed with how well Scotty sang Elvis and Letters from Home. My son loves Elvis so he always likes when Scotty sings That's Alright Mama, TROUBLE, and Gone. He doesn’t like the gushy girl songs at his age, but loves the others on CAD and he reached over and held my hand when Scotty sang Dirty Dishes! Scotty truly has songs for everyone. He doesn’t miss anyone.

I will mention too that I forgot to inquire about Meet and Greets until Friday late afternoon. They got back to me on Sat and unfortunately didn’t have any additional Meet and Greets. She said that you need to request them several weeks in advance and then they are met on a lottery basis so we didn’t get to meet him, but I put a request in to meet him on 8/10. Hopefully, we will get to say hello to him and thank him. Unfortunately, Scotty can’t just go out into the lobby and see his fans like Canaan Smith. Canaan signed autographs and took pictures in the lobby after the show. He had a group around him, but nothing like Scotty would have if he tried to do it now. It was a small lobby and already difficult to get by with Canaan on one side and the souvenir vendor selling Scotty’s stuff on the other side. I wish Scotty could do Meet and Greet 1500+ seat venue, but I understand why it would be difficult for him and potentially unsafe for him and his fans.

Also, I want to mention that Morristown is nice town. We had a wonderful time. The people were very friendly. We got there around 3:15, checked into our hotel and relaxed for a few minutes, then went to dinner and walked down the street to the concert. The street the theater is on is very lively and has a lot of shops and restaurants. Today, before leaving we took a tour of Morristown Historical National Park. It was the first Historical National Park in the US. It was acquired by the Federal Government from a private historical society in the 1930’s. The Ford Mansion (no relation to Ford Motor) is where General George Washington commanded and set up winter camp from Dec.1, 1779 through June 1, 1780. It turned out to be the coldest winter on record with 5 major snowfalls for the area prior to Dec 1st and about 23 large snowfalls for the winter with 5 blizzards. It was extremely difficult because the snow cut off supplies for about 10,000 troops stationed to thwart the British who were station in NYC. We took a tour through the house and saw some of the huts the soldiers built for the winter at Jockey Hollow. The soldiers wintered there for 3 winters. It was much bigger and better laid out than the winter camp at Valley Forge several years earlier where they lost a lot of men due to illnesses. It was very educational and definitely worth the trip if you are near Morristown and like history.

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