Monday, June 11, 2012

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Scotty McCreery says CMA week has been ‘pretty crazy’

By Jessica Bliss
As weeks go, this one has not been boring for Scotty McCreery.
The 2011 American Idol winner won his first CMT Music Award in Nashville on Wednesday, flew back home to graduate from North Carolina’s Garner High School on Thursday, and then came back to Nashville to perform tonight at LP Field during the closing night of the CMA Music Festival.
Oh, he also hosted his first fan club party, signed autographs for hundreds of adoring fans, and maintained his laid-back attitude while being interviewed inside a bus parked across from Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
“It’s been pretty crazy,” he said. “It’s been a dream this last week.”
While his own dreams are being realized, he is also fulfilling those of the thousands who adore him. Clutching freshly signed McCreery memorabilia, young girls who have had the opportunity to meet him at CMA Fest have been beside themselves — some near tears with excitement.
“I felt like I was going to pass out,” said 11-year-old Shey Oliver, who traveled here from Virginia Beach, Fla., after a family member won McCreery meet-and-greet tickets. “I love his deep voice, and he’s really cute.”
Said McCreery: “It’s special for me. The one thing you want to do with music is affect people and have a positive impact on their lives, and so that means a lot.”
Maintaining a humble demeanor also means a lot to McCreery. He continues to cling to his North Carolina roots — bringing his family and high school buddies on the road with him — and wants his fans to know that even though he sings for a living, he’s still just like them.
This is a guy who puts on a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses and swings by Nashville’s Copper Kettle to eat and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The same guy who heads to Jack’s Bar-B-Que for a pork shoulder sandwich and a side of cinnamon apples. “That’s my meal right there,” he said.
And, yes, the same guy who claimed breakthrough video of the year at this year’s CMT Music Awards for “The Trouble With Girls,” is touring with Brad Paisley this summer, who just released new single “Water Tower Town,” and will take the stage at LP Field tonight.
That guy still gets the jitters.
“If it’s anything like last year I’ll be nervous as all get out,” said McCreery, who took the stage for one song with Josh Turner during the 2011 CMA Fest show. “I get on stage with Brad Paisley and there’s a few thousand out there for the opening act, but this will be pretty intense going out to a sold-out crowd at LP.
“It will be fun. Those fans, they are here to have a good time, and we will try to have a good ending to their week.”

Happy birthday American Idol!

Ten years ago today, American Idol debuted on national television. Who would have thought one show could make so many success stories out of so many people, including one for a 17 year old high school student from North Carolina? has chronicled the charting of Idol alums and mention Scotty's success. It's a lengthy article not focused solely on Scotty so I won't post the full article but to read it you can go HERE.

Pictures from Scotty McCreery's Fanclub party

Faith Harris has been kind enough to share the pictures she took of Scotty at the fanclub party in Nashville, TN. I hope everyone enjoys them. All we ask is that if you choose to copy the pictures and use them on your own sites, such as twitter, facebook, tumbler, etc that you give Faith credit. Click on the link below the picture to see the rest of the photos.

Videos from Scotty McCreery's fanclub party

Trouble Credit to: fgh871 Water Tower Town Credit to: Idolizer24 The Trouble With Girls (partial) Credit to: Idolizer24 I Love You This Big Credit to: BrooklynNicole343 The Trouble With Girls Credit to: BrooklynNicole343