Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tweets from Noblesville, Indiana

Judy Cooke McCreery ‏@JudyMacGarner Woke up this morning in beautiful Indiana USA ; show outside of Indianapolis tonight #morningwalk
Judy Cooke McCreery ‏@JudyMacGarner Indiana is just getting better n better!
Judy Cooke McCreery ‏@JudyMacGarner @ScottyMcCreery doing an event for the Noblesville IN High School softball team with @hankFM at PinHeads!
Judy Cooke McCreery ‏@JudyMacGarner @ScottyMcCreery with the fantabulous @toddcassetty n @mattreviere after a @hankFM event in Noblesville IN
Mike McCreery ‏@MikeMGarner @ScottyMcCreery singing at a radio event in Indianapolis sponsored by @Hankfm for the Noblesville Millers.

Scotty McCreery interview with Coyote 93.7

I just found this short video of an interview Scotty did with Coyote 93.7. I don't remember seeing it posted on here, so thought I'd post it, even though it's a very short video!

Hunter & Jetta Interview Scotty McCreery & Mr. Cook

Part 1 Credit to:GarnerTrojanVision Part 2 Part 3

Scotty McCreery won't be an opening act for very long

He got in a clever dig to opening act Scotty McCreery's youth during "Celebrity" when of the faux tabloid headlines wondered if the "American Idol" winner might be Paisley's love child. So McCreery's return to stage to finish the song with Paisley made a nice touch. But watch out for Scotty McCreery, last year's "American Idol" winner and at 18 already a pretty polished showman. He came onstage with no fanfare or introduction, just a strong voice and a low-key delivery. McCreery left his fans -- and there were plenty of young girls wearing Scotty T-shirts -- happy with hits like "I Love You This Big" and "The Trouble With Girls." I don't think he'll stay an opening act long.

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