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Azalea Festival headliner Scotty McCreery still the 'same guy'

Who: Scotty McCreery in concert

When: 8 p.m. Friday, April 13

Where: Trask Coliseum, UNCW campus

Tickets: There'll be a guy outside the arena wearing an overcoat and a beret. When you see him, don't look him in the eye. Say the word "flashlight" and hand him an envelope full of money. He'll give you two tickets. (Editor's note: The show is sold out.)

When Scotty McCreery returned to Garner Magnet High School after winning "American Idol," his friends weren't sure if their classmate had changed.

After all, millions of people had tuned in each week to hear McCreery – who's playing a sold-out concert for the Azalea Festival at Trask Coliseum on Friday – sing in his deep, country way. He was whisked across the country for interviews. He was on tour with country superstar Brad Paisley. He was this jeans-and-boots stereotype of a country music star that they didn't recognize. "Within the first week," McCreery said during a phone interview, his friends realized that he was still Scotty. "They wanted to see if I'd changed. When they saw me in a T-shirt and shorts, they knew I was the same kid."

Sure, he's the same kid. But he has enough money to eat steak every night and take a limousine to school. Instead, he still eats off the dollar menu, he said, and he has bonded with Loretta, his pet name for the Ford F-150 that was presented to him by "American Idol." "I'm trying to save as much as I can," McCreery said. "I'm trying to be smart about it." His first major purchase, he said, was a new computer, which he bought "right off the bat." Since then, he's also bought himself a pair of shoes.

In many ways, McCreery is just like many of his classmates. Like them, he's focused on the prom (April 21) and graduation (June 7). And, like some of them, he does have one important decision behind him – he chose N.C. State University over East Carolina, Belmont and Middle Tennessee State.


Scotty McCreery cares about his family and his home life

Scotty McCreery Won't Major in Music at College

Idol winner says he'll probably study marketing or communications instead

Ya know Scotty McCreery, 18, is off to North Carolina State University in the fall.

So what will the American Idol winner-turned-country star be studying?

One thing's for sure, he won't be majoring in music. "Because I’m learning about music every day and I’m in music class all the time as an 18-year-old," Scotty tells thecountryvibe.com.

Instead, Scotty is thinking about major in communications or marketing. Scotty tells the website that college is important so that he can have balance in his life.

"I’m not ever gonna be that guy that’s out there working 365 days a year,” says Scotty. “I care about my family and my home life and this all happened to me so quick I think it’s important for me to get in slowly and work my way in. And so right now we have that balance. It’s working good in high school and college will be a whole other monster."


CarterMatt.com – ‘American Idol’ notes: Scotty McCreery

Scotty’s marketing strategy – Monday marked the first day that Scotty McCreery’s “Water Tower Town” impacted radio, and we were really rather impressed with how the season 10 alum chose to promote the song and thank the radio stations that picked it up.

In some new posts on Twitter, Scotty personally thanked a number of country stations for adding his song, and even included their own account handles in on it for good measure. Note to all other aspiring artists — if you want to get in good with radio stations, this is the way to do it! While this certainly doesn’t guarantee that “Water Tower” will be a hit, Scotty’s showing quite a bit of intelligence here for a guy who is still a teenager.