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Who Is Your Favorite Country Music Star!? - Q102 - All The Hits

More Scotty McCreery videos from Sea World


That Old King James - Sea World
Credit to: kimbi352

Man of Constant Sorrow and Better Than That

Credit to: kimbi352

Water Tower Town - Sea World
Credit to: TayyTayy2194

Check Yes or No - Sea World
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The Trouble With Girls - Sea World
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Better Than That - Sea World
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Clear As Day - Sea World
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Out of Summertime - Sea World-He also talks a little bit before the video starts
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Scotty McCreery sings Happy Birthday to a fan

Scotty McCreery sings Happy Birthday Lexington Tin Roof
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Tweets & Pictures from GMHS Choral Ensemble today

My 1,000th tweet is full of good news!! All 3 GMHS Choral Ensembles received SUPERIORS at Festival today !! Great job!! ������

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Hannah Adent ‏ @HannahAdent
Look at Scotty :))))Kate Ashbrook ‏ @kate_ashbrook
@ScottyMcCreery!!!! FREAKING OUT!!!

That ackward moment when you re all a choral concert and scotty mccreery walks on stage

Scotty McCreery Returning To High School To Finish Out Senior Year

Scotty McCreery Returning To High School To Serve Out Senior Year

05 March 2012 19:11
Scotty Mccreery

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Picture: Scotty Mccreery 2011 American Country Awards at the MGM Grand Resort Hotel and Casino - Press Room Las Vegas, Nevada ....

Teenage country star Scotty Mccreery is returning to high school to serve out the final months of his senior year.

North Carolina native MCCreery put his studies on hold to audition for the 10th season of hit U.S. show American Idol in 2011. He won the competition and extended his leave of absence to concentrate on his music career.

However, the I Love You This Big hitmaker is now setting his sights on furthering his education, revealing he's due to finish up his time at Garner Magnet High School once he wraps up his concert tour with Brad Paisley this spring (12).

He tells the News Observer, "Almost everywhere I go someone wants to take a picture or talk to me, but at the high school I'm just another guy with a backpack who wears jeans and a T-shirt. At school, it is just like I never left."

And former baseball player McCreery plans on making the most of his experience by reprising his role as the varsity team's relief pitcher - even though he's a little rusty.

He adds, "I'm in an adult world now, but I want to be able to play baseball with my friends. I still want to have a senior year in high school and play some baseball. I've got work to do. But I think it will come back when I can get home and practice every day instead of one day a week or so."

Brad Paisley kept Scotty McCreery shaking in his boots awaiting retaliation for his prank

Brad Paisley Pranks the Band Perry in Kentucky
By: Brittany Joy Cooper | 1 hour ago
The Band Perry

If there’s one thing you need to know about Brad Paisley before ever signing up to go on tour with him, it’s that the high-energy singer is anything but predictable. In a witty turn of events this past weekend, Paisley ended his prank war with young talent Scotty McCreery by not pranking the ‘The Trouble With Girls’ singer at all, instead going after the other young band on tour with him — the Band Perry.

While McCreery shook in his boots awaiting Paisley’s retaliation for his Feb. 25 prank (coming out on stage dressed as a Paisley lookalike), Paisley kept McCreery wondering, while instead going after the unsuspecting sibling trio. According to Dan Van of Albright & O’Malley, who was at the March 3 show, Paisley had someone in his camp Photoshop Reid Perry out of a photo of the band to add the face of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap. Then, he had more than 50 copies of the photo handed out to fans during a pre-show meet and greet.

Thankfully, the Band Perry were good-natured about the prank, chalking it up to just another day on tour with Paisley, and even signing the photo (featured above) by adding “Thanks Brad!!” Some fans were apparently none too pleased with the photos, even though they were free souvenirs, but the band reassured them, saying, “You tour with Brad Paisley, it’s part of the experience.”

And while the ‘Celebrity’ singer regularly has a handful of tricks up his sleeve, his March 3 wasn’t all fun and games. Paisley also took the time to raise money for the victims of Friday’s devastating tornadoes, taking a moment onstage to talk of the tragedy to more than 15,000 fans who had come out for the Lexington, Ky. show.

“I have to talk about what happened. We had some tornadoes,” he told the crowd. “The fact that you guys gave at the door, it’s really fantastic of you for doing that. Thank you for texting to donate like you did today. I know this community will pull together and get through this.”

Did Scotty McCreery eat ants with bbq sauce, to boost his energy level, at Sea World yesterday?

Scotty McCreery recently performed at SeaWorld Orlando’s Bands, Brew & BBQ where he met an anteater. Photo courtesy: SeaWorld Orlando

American Idol Scotty McCreery visits SeaWorld Orlando

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - American Idol reigning champion Scotty McCreery performed at SeaWorld Orlando’s Bands, Brew & BBQ over the weekend and took some time to visit with an anteater.

SeaWorld says the anteater tried to convince McCreery that eating ants with bbq sauce prior to the concert was a great energy booster. No word from McCreery if he took the anteater’s advice.

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Scotty McCreery Sea World

The main reason for our visit to Sea World today was to see the American Idol winner, 17 year old Scotty McCreery in Concert as part of the Bands, Brew and BBQ Festival which has been running for a few years at Sea World. There has been major money invested in this event. The festival grounds were themed and beautifully decorated – even the signage was very impressive looking. When the park opened this morning, Scotty’s most loyal fans rushed to get in for his 4pm show. The stadium gates opened at noon and by 3pm there were no stadium seats available for the show. Souvenir sales were brisk. It seemed as though every young girl wanted one of the Scotty $30.00 t-shirts and $5.00 Scotty plastic bracelets. Scotty could not do wrong in these young girls eyes as he performed his short hour long show. He talked about the fact that a year and a half ago he was bagging groceries to make money – what a difference a few months can make. His young, five piece band played many traditional country instruments like the fiddle and steel guitar. Scotty doesn’t have many song of his own yet so he also sang cover songs from country artists like, George Strait. There are very few young singers that are currently singing traditional country so I hope Scotty continues this style and has a long career. He is as true country as you can get.

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Scotty McCreery videos from Sea World performance

Dirty Dishes-Sea World
Credit to: KateJamCat

WMNOYH-Sea World
Credit to: KateJamCat

WTT-Sea World
Credit to: KateJamCat

Trouble - Sea World
Credit to: kimbi352

That's Alright Mama - Sea World
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Setlist for Sea World

That's Alright Mama
Check Yes or No
i love you this big
Dirty Dishes
Out Of Summertime
Clear As Day
Back on the ground
You Make That Look Good
Better Than That
Write My number On your Hand
That Old King James
Walk In The Country
Water Tower Town
Man of Constant Sorrow