Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is Scotty McCreery one of the Hot Men of Country Music

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Meeting Fansofscotty & Moms4McCreery friends while in Knoxville

This is a picture of Connie, Me, and Sharon (from l-r). They are regular visitors of the site and we met for the first time last night in Knoxville. They were recruiting new Scotty fans for the site! They were also going to the Lexington concert tonight. It was great meeting them and finally being able to put some faces with the names. I've definitely made some friends for life through this site and one NC boy that we all love to hear sing.
I also met up with some of the ladies from the Moms4McCreery Facebook page. We have talked via twitter, text messaging and e-mail for several months now but this was the first time I had met any of the ladies or even talked with them on the phone. Had a great time talking with them until 4:00 am . Remember ladies, what happens in Knoxville, STAYS IN KNOXVILLE!!
Tanya, Faith, Missy (the creator of M4M), Jamie
Here are the 2 young ladies Sharon & Connie talked to about Fansofscotty!
It was so great to meet ya all I cannot wait until we meet again at another Scotty concert.
Sharon, Connie, Brandi, Donna & Merribrooke

Tin Roof show tweets and pictures

Scotty McCreery ‏ @ScottyMcCreery
Great show at the Tin Roof in Lexington w/ @981THEBULL

Judy Cooke McCreery ‏ @JudyMacGarner
Just left a great event at The Tin Roof for 98.1 WBUL in Lexington Ky

Lexington Tin Roof ‏ @LexTinRoof
Line around the building at 10am! Happy 3rd Bday to us! Thank u Scotty McCreary!!!

Lexington Tin Roof ‏ @LexTinRoof
1pm @ our place for our 3rd BDay! What r u doin this afternoon?

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@ScottyMcCreery at the Tin Roof in Lexington

Matthew Scott Lerza ‏ @MattyL559
Just saw Scotty in a private show. @KyliieNicoole and @MaandyLeiigh

Heather Kerns ‏ @Heather_Kerns
Scotty Mcreary!! I love you this big!!!

Victoria Sanders ‏ @v_elizabeth14 Close
Scotty McHotty

Knoxville tweets and pictures from Ashley

Ashley McCreery ‏ @ashleymccreery2
A few pictures from Knoxville

Carrie Underwood made a surprise appearance! (the real person for those that have seen the show haha)

Good morning Lexington! #excited

Brooke Kimbrel✟
@ashleymccreery2 came out before @ScottyMcCreery played! :)