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Scotty McCreery continues to build momentum

Scotty McCreery is currently performing with The Band Perry and Brad Paisley on the 2012 'Virtual Reality' tour. Fans arrived early and packed into the sold-out show at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI in time to catch McCreery's opening set. Scotty demonstrated why he was chosen as the champion of American Idol's tenth season by providing a confident and impressive 25-minute performance that showcased his pure country vocal talent.

Riding high on his platinum-selling 2011 release, Clear as Day, McCreery has definitely taken the country world by storm. His musical capabilities and clean-cut image will only help to secure himself as a rising star in a saturated pool of country talent. Scotty was all smiles, opening with 'Water Tower Town' promptly at 7:30 pm. He grabbed a guitar for 'You Make That Look Good', another strong track from his debut album. He seemed to gain momentum with each song, likely a combination of additional fans arriving late coupled with Scotty's inate ability to captivate his audience. 'I Love You This Big' had the crowd singing along and 'Write My Number on Your Hand' got people on their feet as they clapped along.

His relatively short set suggested there would be little interaction with the crowd, but when he spoke he made it worthwhile. "It's great to be back here in this great state, this is where it all started for me here in Wisconsin," said McCreery. His successful audition for American Idol took place in Milwaukee. He did a good job working the local crowd, receiving good response when he referenced the Badger football team. "I come from North Carolina and I rooted for North Carolina State my whole life. At first I was a little upset with Madison, Wisconsin. Y'all happen to take our best quarterback Russell Wilson....y'all done good!"

McCreery's opening slot on the 'Virtual Reality' tour is a match made in heaven. It gives Brad Paisley an opening punch and crowd-pleasing performer in Scotty McCreery, while also affording Scotty the chance to hone his live performance capabilities in front of consistently sold-out arenas. McCreery played his current single, 'The Trouble With Girls' and then gave thanks to his fans before finishing with a cover, The Ranch's (Keith Urban's original band) 'Walkin' the Country With Me' to close out his set to an obviously impressed, and nearly full, arena.
Scotty McCreery setlist:
1. Water Tower Town
2. You Make That Look Good
3. I Love You This Big
4. Dirty Dishes
5. Write my Number on Your Hand
6. The Trouble With Girls
7. Walkin' the Country With Me

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Pictures and Tweets from last night

Scotty replied to this tweet. Thought it was a great compliment and glad Scotty saw it.

Ryan Wheeler ‏ @rwheeler23221
@ScottyMcCreery hey yo scotty I must say I was not a fan on A.I. But after seeing you in Moline last night I must say not too shabby sir.

Scotty McCreery ‏ @ScottyMcCreery
@rwheeler23221 I really appreciate that man! Hope you're doing good!

Brad Paisley ‏ @BradPaisley
So some young smart@$& who looked a little like me & a lot like @ScottyMcCreery showed up tonight...

Scotty's dad posted more pictures on Twitter this morning from the show last night. Enjoy!

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@mattreviere and @joeysanchez1 last night in Springfield

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@jeffreyharper getting wild on the ukulele

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@JustinWard77 jammin on the guitar.

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
Ending the set with @mattreviere @jeffreyharper and Twitterless Tripper.

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@mattreviere @ScottyMcCreery and @joeysanchez1 having a good time.

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@BradPaisley in concert in Springfield

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@ScottyMcCreery and @thebandperry during the Alcohol finale in Springfield.

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
I think @BradPaisley likes the new @ScottyMcCreery look.

Videos: Moline, ILL show

Thanks to Karee for posting the links for these in the comments. These are from the Moline, ILL show.

Celebrity by c21Careguy

The Trouble With Girls- by Beelvr93
Note- make sure your volume isn't too loud. Based on these screams The Trouble With Girls is growing more popular by the second!

More of Scotty Paisley

Jennette Camplin ‏ @JC2Gizmo
@JudyMacGarner How did Brad react Ms. Judy? :)

Judy Cooke McCreery ‏ @JudyMacGarner
@JC2Gizmo He was laughing pretty hard...scotty was pretty nervous b4 he went on.... He wanted to make sure brad had a spare hat nearby'

@scottymccreery pranking @BradPaisley during Celebrity in Springfield, Missouri

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@BradPaisley looks like he is sending @ScottyMcCreery a message. Maybe something like watch your back kid.

Mike McCreery ‏ @MikeMGarner
@ScottyMcCreery having a good time during @BradPaisley concert in Springfield

Pictures of Scotty's M&G & Scotty McPaisley performing

dσnnα mαnnσ❤ ‏ @jerseygrl4scott
ohh scotty....
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Marissa Mulvaney ‏ @marjomul
me and @ScottyMcCreery #bestdayever
Melissa Metaxas ‏ @Melissaerrr
Sister met Scotty mccreary!!!!
McKenna Seely ‏ @mckennaseely
Me and @ScottyMcCreery

A look at what goes on behind the scenes of the Virtual Reality Concert

I know this isn't a Scotty video but when browsing YouTube trying to find a Scotty Paisley video from last night I ran across these videos.

Uploaded by SoundProLiveNetwork on Feb 25, 2012
Backstage Feb. 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center with Kevin Freeman, Brendan Hines, Mark Gould, Earl Neal and the rest of the Sound Image dudes running audio for the tour.

Brad Paisley, Band Perry and Scotty McCreary. Hangin' With the Crew Part 1

Brad Paisley, Band Perry and Scotty McCreary. Hangin' With the Crew Part 2

Brad Paisley, Band Perry and Scotty McCreary. Hangin' With the Crew Part 3

'American Idol' winner, Scotty McCreery, gets pitchy

GARNER The coach of the most famous high school baseball player in the country doesn't know how many spectators to expect at games this season. Or whether those who come will be more interested in baseball or celebrity. He knows this: Other teams might be better but none will have more star power. Scotty McCreery, the winner of last season's "American Idol" singing competition, is a member of the Garner High baseball team, as several million fans know from watching the television show. McCreery, who often wore a Garner T-shirt in honor his school, which is located just south of Raleigh, on "Idol," has told coach Derek Goffena he doesn't want to be a distraction for the team, which might contend for a playoff spot this season. He has wanted to play for the Garner team ever since he was a little leaguer, but the team's success takes priority. "That's really important to me," McCreery said Saturday from Springfield, Mo., where he was touring with Brad Paisley. "I'm in an adult world now, but I want to be able to play baseball with my friends. I still want to have a senior year in high school and play some baseball. It's something I've always wanted to do." McCreery hasn't pitched in a game since the summer of 2010. He threw some with his Dad on Saturday and said he was about 55 to 60 percent of where he wants to be.
"I've got work to do," he said. "But I think it will come back when I can get home and practice every day instead of one day a week or so." McCreery likely will be used as a reliever initially so there is no way for Goffena to predict when he will play. McCreery and Goffena don't envision McCreery playing soon, though. "I'll be there Tuesday, but I don't think I'll get to play," McCreery said of Garner's 4 p.m. home opener against Broughton. "I will be there pulling for the guys, supporting the team." Goffena doesn't have any idea of how many fans will turn out in the hopes of seeing McCreery warm up before games, but school officials don't expect any problems.
Just another guy
Toward the end of the "Idol" television season, thousands of fans filled Garner's Lake Benson Park for his homecoming concert and thousands more attended his birthday celebration.
But for the most part, he has attended Garner football and basketball games as a spectator without drawing much attention and he walks the halls of the school just as he did before he used it during the filming of his video "The Trouble With Girls." "It surprised me on the first day," McCreery said. "Almost everywhere I go someone wants to take a picture or talk to me, but at the high school I'm just another guy with a backpack who wears jeans and a T-shirt. At school, it is just like I never left." Garner athletics director Dwight Harrell said he has been amazed at how little fanfare McCreery provokes at school. "He's just a regular Joe walking to his classes," Harrell said. "People in Garner basically are allowing Scotty to be a regular high school student."
Garner High principal Drew Cook said McCreery has made it plain he doesn't want preferential treatment. "Everyone has really been respectful of the fact that Scotty just wants to blend in and be a normal high school student - to the extent that that's possible given the life that he is living," Cook said. "If he wasn't the humble, easy-going kid that he is, students might have had a different reaction. But the positive, down-to-earth image that you see portrayed in the media is exactly what we see here every day."
Pitching prospects
No one knows how good a pitcher McCreery will be in his only varsity season. He played for the junior varsity team as a sophomore and with the Garner summer team 18 months ago.
He was a member of the 2011 varsity team but never got to go to a game. When Goffena selected last year's team no one knew McCreery would spend the entire season on the show.
But McCreery has missed offseason workouts with his teammates and some spring practices.
"To be honest, Scotty hasn't had much of a chance to show what he's got," Goffena said. "He has work to do. I've talked to Scotty about it and he agrees. He doesn't need to go out there and pitch unless he is ready."