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Scotty McCreery is an old soul

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Walk In The Country - Lubbock, TX

Scotty McCreery Understands Why People Have A Connection to Him

Scotty McCreery Understands Why People Have A Connection to Him

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When Scotty McCreery won American Idol last year it was still unknown how big of an impact he would have on country music. But, evidently country music producers knew he had what it takes to be a ‘superstar’.

He is currently touring with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry! That’s some pretty high-powered company! McCreery is only 18 years old and doesn’t think he’s anything out of the ordinary. But he says so many people feel a connection to him because he’s an average, teenage American kid who plays baseball and sings with a big bass voice and something wonderful happened to him in the process.

And even though he’s a big star, he tells this site hasn’t even graduated from high school. “When I’m on the road,” he insists, “my mom’s teaching me and handling my assignments. But when I’m home, I’ll be at the basketball games…anything to just kind of stay connected to my peer group back home.

Scotty McCreery interview on 96.3

Scotty McCreery interview: Country singer Scotty McCreery calls in to talk with 96.3 Star Country afternoon host Mike Conway before his concert with The Band Perry and Brad Paisley at the Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin.

Picture: A gift from Scotty

Ray Chew ‏ @RayChewLive
1st day back on set with #Idol 11 contestants & I get a gift from 2010 American Idol @ScottyMcCreery. Thanks Buddy!

Ray Chew ‏ @RayChewLive
Very thoughtful kid, hope 2 see @ScottyMcCreery again during the season. (better shot w/out my thumb n the way!)

[side note: Ray Chew is the band director for American Idol.]

Picture: Scotty and dad playing catch

@ScottyMcCreery and @MikeMGarner playing a little catch in the Madison Wis venue

Scotty and George Strait

What a picture!
Some of you have been asking me how much money Scotty raised in the WALK4KAY event at the Hoops 4 Hope game. I e-mailed Scotty Warner to find out and here's the answer you've all been waiting on! :)

Scott Warner

Feb 22 (2 days ago)


We raised over $68,000 at our Hoops 4 Hope game. Scotty received approximately $700 in donations through his participation in Walk 4 Kay. The total amount raised included ticket sales, a silent auction, sponsor donations, and other miscellaneous fundraising efforts (such as Walk 4Kay).

Thank you

Scotty McCreery headed back to the pitchers mound when the tour wraps up

Right after he finishes the Virtual Reality tour with Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery has an item on his "to do" list you might not expect. He'll be going home to Garner, NC to play high school baseball. Scotty's been on the team for four years, even though he wasn't able to play last year because he was so busy with American Idol. The high school senior says his star status didn't garner him any favors when it came to try-outs either. "Singing don't really mean you can really play ball well. So, they had to see if I had a little something left in me. "

Scotty will miss the first couple games before the tour wraps in March, but he believes he's up for the challenge. "I have a feeling though it's gonna be rough. I'm a pitcher, so I have a feeling when I get on the mound guys are gonna be taunting me and stuff. I'm just gonna blow it off and strike 'em out!"

'American Idol' Winner Scotty Mccreery Savors Life on the road

Brad Paisley closes his tour by performing one of his biggest hits, "Alcohol," joined by opening acts The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery.
While Paisley and the Perry siblings get the chance to imbibe onstage, or at least pretend to, the first night McCreery walked on, he was greeted with a baby bottle full of milk.
"It's definitely weird for me because I'm the only teenager out here," the 18-year-old said in a telephone interview from a tour stop in Lubbock, Texas.
"It's really an adult world, but I think it's good for me. I'm growing up fast, learning a lot about the world and about the business."
As the winner of last year's "American Idol," McCreery got on the express train to stardom. His first album, "Clear as Day," debuted in October as the No. 1 album on Billboard's all-genre Top 200 chart - the first country act to have its first release top the charts and the youngest performer to debut at the high point.
His first single, "I Love You This Big," reached No. 15 on the country charts and its follow-up, "The Trouble with Girls," is No. 19 and rising.
Compared with previous "Idol" winners, McCreery had a quick turnaround time for getting his debut album out.
By the time it reached the top eight, he told producers, "If this keeps happening, I want to put out an album and want to do it quick," he recalled. "I want to make people know we're still around, making music. Getting that out quick and not taking much time off worked out well for us."
McCreery played in arenas during the traditional post-"Idol" tour, but he said being on the road on his own is a whole lot different.
"This is my first kinda big show in country music and we're still learning the ropes," he said.
And he's doing all of this as a high school senior, even making it on the honor roll. Like most teens leaving high school, he's making his college plans. McCreery said he's heard from half of his four top choices.
But he won't major in music.
"Being around people like Brad on the road, I get a music class every day," he said. "I think I might do something like marketing or communication, something that might help me with what I'm doing and not just the music."
Accolades continue for McCreery, including winning new artist honors at the new American Country Awards last year and being nominated for best new artist in the Academy of Country Music Awards.
"This is a show I've watched for a while, so it's incredible being up there against the competition for new artist," he said.
McCreery keeps in mind where he was a year ago, among dozens of other hopefuls carefully walking onto the "Idol" stage.
"We were watching the shows ... and to know what they're going through is a crazy feeling," he said. "You get a whole new perspective watching it."

Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley, The Band Perry

Great close ups of Scotty interacting with the fans!
Alcohol - Las Cruces, NM on February 17, 2012.
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Another college acceptance letter for Scotty

Mrs. McCreery replied to a tweet asking if the rumor is true that Scotty's going to Belmont U. Here's her reply:

Judy Cooke McCreery @JudyMacGarner
@JC2Gizmo @scottymccreery @ashleymccreery2 @mikemgarner He's been accepted at Belmont, MTSU and ECU; haven't heard from Ncstate yet...

So congratulations Scotty on yet another acceptance letter!