Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ashley, Judy, Mike will be having a TP tonight at 9:00

I just love how Scotty's family acknowledges his fans~they have had to sacrifice so much in the last year. They also realize it's the fans that have helped get Scotty to where he is today and they never miss an opportunity to let the fans know how much they appreciate them :)

I've talked & into joining in tonight..TP 9 o'clock eastern time:)

has just volunteered me for my first twitter party...the pressure is on.

What is a twitter party?: A twitter party is where you tweet questions to someone and they respond to as many as they can. Remember, there will be a lot of people tweeting questions to the McCreery's, so they may not get to your question. The best thing to do is keep tweeting them questions, don't just tweet one and stop. They are really fun and you can actually learn some stuff about them that you never knew before.

A couple articles about the peformance Scotty McCreery & fellow GMHS Choral Students are doing in Washington DC

RALEIGH -- Meredith Clayton is 29 years old, but she still sometimes goes to work with her mom and her mother-in-law. All three are high school choral instructors in Wake public schools. And all are leading choirs to the exclusive, invitation-only Presidents Day Festival Chorus at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., on Monday.
"It's nice to have someone who understands ..." Meredith began as the three sat in a Raleigh coffee shop on a recent Wednesday. "...understands what it took to get there..." her mom, Diane Covington, added. " you have someone to celebrate with," her mother-in-law, Joy Clayton, agreed.
The choirs singing
at the Presidents Day Festival are the Garner Magnet High School Die Meistersingers, under Meredith's direction; the Leesville Road High School Capital Pride, headed by Diane Covington, 55; and the Athens Drive High School Vocal Ensemble, led by Joy Clayton, 60.
The concert isn't just invitation-only: You actually have to be invited to audition. The selections are made from schools across the nation. And this year, Wake County choirs fill three of the six slots at the event. It's rare to have even two choirs from the same state, event producer Edmundo Montoya said. Three is a first. "Apparently there's a tremendous amount of talent there in North Carolina," he said.

This is a great but long article so I've posted the link for you to read it in it's entirety

This link list the schools that will be performing

Scotty McCreery's choral teacher tweets pictures of Washington, DC trip

Meredith Clayton @mereclayton2
Scotty and the men working hard ��

Meredith Clayton @mereclayton2
And the rehearsals begin !!! They've got some hard work ahead of them!

Meredith Clayton @mereclayton2
3 hrs of rehearsal so far this morning!!! Dr. Andre Thomas is working them so hard - it's pretty much awesome !
Meredith Clayton @mereclayton2
Can you spot Scotty?
Meredith Clayton @mereclayton2
Die Meistersingers & Albert Einstein